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27 interesting places in Algiers that will make your tours interesting

Algiers travel guide, Algeria

If you’re hoping to have a memorable trip, Then here is a list of all the places and iconic sights to visit in Algiers.

1. La Grande Poste 

La Grande Poste or the most post office isn't simply another building in Algiers, it stands out. Located right within the heart of the town center, you can’t miss this stunning building. Whereas the outside is kind of sober, the interior and the roof are just stunning. La Grande Poste may be a fine example of French-designed, early 20th-century type of architecture.

La Grande Poste

2. Enjoy the beauty of  Tipaza

Tipaza is about an hour outside of Algiers, maybe a lovely, at ease coastal city. Encircled by history, Tipaza includes a singular cluster of Phoenician, Roman, Paleochristian, and Byzantine ruins aboard autochthonal monuments like the royal sepulcher of Mauretania. Stroll around the ruins by the shore and stop for lunch at one of the numerous restaurants.

Roman Ruins Tipaza, Algeria

3. Enjoy the beauty of Tikjda

If you're wanting to flee Algiers in hopes of obtaining some contemporary air, then Tikjda is that the place to go. Simply hour and thirty minutes east of Algiers, Tikjda has long been a preferred high-altitude destination; it’s additionally the proper place to urge a style of Algerian mountain scenery while not lost too aloof from Algiers. Which is never to be missed.

Roman Ruins Tipaza, Algeria

4. Visit the Ernesto Che Guevara Boulevard

Ernesto Che Guevara Boulevard is a lovely avenue lined with impressive Haussmannian buildings. It’s good for people who would like to require a go forth from the crowd. Here you'll fancy a soothing urban walk while enjoying the gorgeous Mediterranean read. The enduring Roman Catholic basilica, Our Lady of Africa has incorporated an attractive vantage over town and El Boustene could be a nice restaurant with a pretty view over Algiers.

Ernesto Che Guevara Boulevard

5. Visit the Central Post Office

The distinctive Central Post Office fully belongs at the highest of your list of things to try to do in Algiers. Called La Grande Poste, this lovely building is that the most painting monument in port. It’s placed right within the middle of the town center and maybe a fine example of French-designed, early 20th-century Moorish. Within the building, the ceiling is embellished with gorgeous mosaics.

Central Post Office, Algiers

6. Enjoy The beauty of Urban Landscape

One of the most attractions in Algiers is that the urban landscape itself. The historical town of Algiers has lots of Haussmann vogue buildings to admire and diverse walking streets to own a stroll and explore the road scene!

Didouche Mourad St and Larbi ben Mhidi St kind the foremost fashionable district in Algiers. Here you may notice various searching stores, memento retailers, restaurants, and cafes.

To fancy associate degree urban walk, while enjoying the ocean breeze, I like to recommend you walk on Ernesto revolutionary and Zighout Youcef boulevards. These 2 boulevards are lined with stunning Haussmannian buildings and supply a fine-looking read of the sea.

Enjoy The beauty of Urban Landscape

7. Sip Mint Tea and enjoy the beauty

One of the most attractions in Algiers is that the urban landscape itself. The historical town of Algiers has lots of Haussmann vogue buildings to admire and diverse walking streets to own a stroll and explore the road scene!

Didouche Mourad St and Larbi ben Mhidi St kind the foremost fashionable district in Algiers. Here you may notice various searching stores, memento retailers, restaurants, and cafes.

To fancy associate degree urban walk, while enjoying the ocean breeze, I like to recommend you walk on Ernesto revolutionary and Zighout Youcef boulevards. These 2 boulevards are lined with stunning Haussmannian buildings and supply a fine-looking read of the sea.

Didouche Mourad street

8. Take to Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MAMA)

  • Located in shut proximity to the amir Abdel Kader sq., the MAMA Museum could be a great spot to visit if you wish to induce insight into the work of native artists.
  • The repository hosts many alternative exhibitions throughout the year with attention on painting, drawing, and photography. Also, the gallery aims to gift each far-famed and rising artist.
  • Aside from artworks, the exhibition is housed in a chic Neo-Moorish building that was once a sales outlet, traditionally called the Galeries De France.

Entry fee: DA 200

Museum of Modern Art (MAMA)

9. Get stray in the Upper Casbah

The heart of  Algiers is its quarter, a group of painted Ottoman-style homes and palaces commanding the ocean. The fastness is additionally better-known for its captivating mosques and slender alleys. Though some components of this ancient medina don't seem to be all right preserved, the Casbah has certainly valued a visit. UNESCO named the Casbah World Heritage.

The best method to get around the Casbah is by connexion an informative guided tour or hiring a personal guide. The guide can recognize that buildings square measure hospitable to the general public and wherever you'll get the simplest read of the town.

The Casbah is additionally fine to run around if you opt to not rent a guide however confine in mind that it’s a true maze.

Although many of us advise exercising caution once visiting the fastness, I even have ne'er felt in peril there. I visited the quarter repeatedly with and while not a guide, with friends, and additionally with my parents once they visited the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, and that I have not had a nasty expertise. Our travels were fascinating Which is still memorable today.

Upper Casbah

10. Get inside Ketchaoua Mosque

This is the most renowned musjid in Algiers, Ketchaoua has Built during the reign of the seventeen century. It’s not only 1 of the highlights of Algiers however additionally a UNESCO Heritage site. Set within the lower kasbah, simply 2 minutes walk from Sahat E’shouhada, Ketchaoua musjid is well recognizable by its facade and color.

If you’re lucky, you'll tour the inside, however, gap times incline to alter. What you would like to try and do is to visualize Algier’s prayer times and go there simply before the decision to pray or right when folks end praying. The musjid is enclosed between prayer times to stay the folks that have the habit of taking naps in mosques out.

Dress code: girls ought to wear ankle-length skirts or loose work pants. Sleeves ought to reach every articulatio plana and also the hair ought to be coated by a headband. Men ought to wear pants and plain shirts or a shirt.

Ketchaoua Mosque

11. Take to travel the Palais des Rais

  • Visiting the Palais des Rais, additionally called Bastion 23 could be one in every one of the good things to try and do in Algiers. This 16th-century complicated is one in every of the last living quarters of the lower  Casbah.
  • Following the restructuring of the quarter throughout the French era, the Palais des Rais is currently utterly detached and isolated from the quarter.
  • This beautifully complex consists of 3 palaces and 6 homes and is taken into account in a concert of the foremost vital historical monuments of Algiers.
  • Entry fee: DA 200

Palais des Rais

12. Basilica of Notre Dame d’Afrique

Notre Dame d’Afrique additionally referred to as Madame l’Afrique which implies Our Lady of Africa may be a neo-byzantine basilica and one of all Algiers’s most renowned landmarks. This 1872 Basilica, which sits simply outside the Algiers heart is perked up on a drop at 407 feet, giving broad views of the Algiers and therefore the Mediterranean Sea. They are often reached by cable car from Bab El Oued or by taxi from the town center.

Visiting Notre Dame d’Afrique is freed from charge.

 Notre Dame d’Afrique

13. Take a break in the Botanical Garden Hamma

Known as Jardin d’Essai, the facility Hamma is that the respiratory organ of the Algiers. It’s a pleasant and quiet break from the busy streets of the town. This attractive green space was specifically designed in 1832 as a model farm and take a look at the garden. It spreads out over five hectares and includes fountains and exquisite sculptures. Within the 1930s, the botanical garden had been used for cinematography Tarzan of the Apes. The place is really wonderful. Which is the best place to satisfy the thirst of a traveler.

Botanical Garden Hamma

14. Wander Around The National Museum of Fine Arts and enjoy the beauty

If art is your factor, the National repository of Fine Arts, called Musée des Beaux-Arts is one every of Algiers’ prime cultural sights and Africa’s greatest art galleries.

Spread over 3 floors, its permanent assortment contains 8000 artworks and varies from statues and paintings to ceramics, sculptures, and material art. The gathering conjointly contains works by world-famous artists like Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix and painter. It’s aforementioned that over three hundred works of art were brought at the Louvre in Paris from the Museum in 1962.

If you're not an enormous fan of art, then go there for the view. Climb to the top for one in every of the foremost fascinating views of Algiers. Then you’ll be able to see the Botanical Garden and the Mediterranean Sea. Which will make your mind Suitable for floating in the imagination.

Entry fee: DA 200

 National Museum of Fine Arts

15. Enjoy the beauty of the inside Dar Abd-el-Tif

Dar Abd-el-Tif simply close to the National deposit of Fine Arts is another Moorish house and historical monument. Throughout the Ottoman era, Dar Abd-el-Tif was a residence for the notables of the kasbah. The villa conjointly housed several artists and celebrated personalities throughout the French occupation. Today, it’s Known as home to the Institute of Cultural Evolution. Don’t be shocked if there's a live concert after you arrive!

Dar Abd-el-Tif

16. Enjoy the cable car

Another thing to try and do in Algiers after you visit the town as a tourer is to envision it from a singular perspective aboard a cable car. Once visiting the National deposit of Fine Arts and Dar Abd-el-Tif, and Botanical Garden, head to the cable car station that's set simply close to these 3 attractions. This short cable car Journey isn't solely an attraction however it'll hoist you up to the perched Martyr’s Memorial. Whose beauty is unimaginable.

cable car

17. Learn about Algerian occupations

Algeria encompasses a long history of being occupied by foreign powers however the French rule was the foremost disreputable one. Set on a hill high port, the Martyr’s Memorial (Makam E’shaheed) may be an important image as it’s dedicated to the Algerian heroes who died throughout the war of independence from France.

If you wish to be learned regarding the French occupation from 1830-1962, you'll be able to head to the repository of Occupation (Mudjahid Museum), which is found beneath the Memorial.

The entry fee is prosecutor 20

Algerian occupations

18. Take a taste of the beer at Seventy Five Bar

After the town tour, relax and revel in a drink at the Aurassi Hotel bar. When I went to board port, one of my favorite things was to possess a drink here once on weekends, therefore this one is my personal recommendation. The Seventy-Five bar is one of all the out of doors bars with the best views in the city. Not solely you get the prospect to relish a drink and therefore the view here however you furthermore may get the prospect to witness the attractive Algiers sunset. Positively make certain to feature it on your list once deciding what to try to do in Algiers! Which is never to be missed.

19. Have a picnic in Park Beirut

Take advantage of the Algiers sunshine and hot temperature and lay out a blanket in Parc Beirut. The relaxed atmosphere of the park is ideal for reflection on your knowledge in Algiers. Pack native snacks that you simply will get in a bakery.

20. Appreciate Everything else panoramic views of Algiers

You supposed it, there’s one thing concerning the views in the Algerian capital Algiers. The town has several fabulous lookout points and most of them are free for visitors.

guideline: Aeroabitat may be a building placed on the top side of downtown and is another certainty for beautiful views that heaps of Unknown to most viewers. Pay a little fee (10 dinars) to require the elevate to the 10th-floor. From the tenth floor, you take another lift (free) that takes you to the highest floor. You Enjoy the fascinating views here.

21. See the tallest minaret in the world

After seven years of construction, the nice mosque of Algeria was completed in 2019, breaking new world records. The house of worship homes the world’s tallest minaret and is that the third-largest mosque the worship within the world after the Holy house of Mecca and also the Prophet’s house of worship within the Medina in Saudi Arabia.

22. Walking along the Sablettes promenade

Located simply outside Algiers, facing the nice mosque of Algiers, the Sablettes promenade provides an excellent, one-of-a-kind place to pay the remaining hours of the day and witness the setting sun.

Strolling on this coast promenade also will offer you associate authentic view of how the locals spend their leisure time– many families, many youngsters, and football game enthusiasts. Which is perfect for keeping your mind cheerful. So visit this place to make your busiest life colorful.

23. Taste Algerian food

When visiting the national capital Algiers, food is a few things that have got to be intimate. Though there are several restaurants that serve ancient food, the simplest way to sample the Algerian preparation is within the homes (i.e. by creating friends). Why? as a result of making preparing couscous and alternative ancient dishes wants time and also the freshest ingredients, and also the restaurants merely don’t have the time to place love in their preparation to create it tastes because it ought to.

Back downtown, there are many foodie experiences that you simply can in all probability wish to do. Confine mind that the restaurants that serve ancient food are typically quite pricey and that’s as a result of they conjointly serving alcoholic drinks.

Here’s ar some restaurants ordered by value range:

•  Keimat Essaouira: DA 2000

•  Restaurant El Djazair: DA 2800

•  Djnina: DA3500

24. Take a tour of the food market

Walking around the Algiers food market is one of the top things to do to sample Algier's local life. Food is a crucial part of Algerian culture, and therefore the markets a superb place to urge a style of it, whether or not that’s through studying fruits and veggies, tasting olives, obtaining ancient bread or some merguez sausages ( Algerian mutton- or beef-based sausage) Prepare to feast your senses with the variety of smells and therefore the noise from the vendor's selling their product.

Here four well-liked markets in Algiers:

•   1er Mai Market (Champs des Maneuvers)

•   Ferhat Boussad marker (Meissonier)

•   Clauzel Market (Agha)

•   Marché Tnach, Belcourt (Belouizdad)

food market in Algiers

25. Attend a Chaabi concert

Music is as important as food in Algerian culture. The country claims to have a rich and vibrant style of traditional music, and the traditional music of Chabi-Algiers is one of the most famous music styles that continues to be an integral part of Algerian culture.

Originally from the kasbah, the Chaabi which suggests “for the people” includes songs regarding everyday life: work songs and traveling songs, further as songs for celebrations and milestones- like weddings and nonsecular commemorations, friendly relationship and love songs, songs for dancing, and songs regarding the motherlands.

There is a variety of Chaabi shows in Algiers. You can either visit the Algiers Opera House or the Palace of Culture or spend an evening in a restaurant with a live concert. You'll conjointly attend a private dining event within the kasbah that is that the best way to discover this ancient music.

Here are a couple of restaurants that provide Chaabi shows:
•  Villa Arena
•  Le Baroque
•  Albies’
•  Seven Times

Things to know: The music venues and restaurants placed outside the Algiers town center. I like to recommend occupation them or checking their Facebook pages or websites to be updated regarding coming events.
Private dining events within the Casbah

The following tour operators provide feeding events within the Casbah:
•   Guide Nomad
•   Aventurable

You can investigate their websites or Facebook pages for data regarding dates, prices, and reservations.

26. Take the journey to Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography

If you like visiting museums or exploring the vicinity of Moorish Villas, you should add the Bordeaux National Museum of Prehistory and Anthropology to your list of places to visit in Algiers. The museum opened in 1927 and was housed in a beautiful Moorish villa that was formerly located in the countryside and now covers the modern town. Which is perfect for making your tour romantic and Fascinating.

Entrance fee: DA 200

27. Pampered in a Hammam

Visiting a hammam is one of the nice things to try to do in Algiers if you would like to expertise the native culture. It is also an opportunity for you to enjoy a break from the city frenzy.

For centuries, hammams are a well-liked methodology of quiet and cleansing that Algerians heritable from Ottomans. Tho' their varied non-public and intimate spa experiences, the foremost authentic and brave to expertise this special cultural ritual is to move to the communal public bath- Public hammams are clean and cheap however be ready to share the space with different guests.

need to know: there's no combination of each sex in hammams. Usually, there 2 sections– one for every sex, or they admit men and ladies at separate times throughout the day.

Capital and largest city of Algeria

Algiers night view

Algiers night view

Algiers is that the capital and largest town of Algerie. Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and within the north-central part of Algerie. It’s well-known for the painted buildings of the quarter, a medina with steep winding streets, Ottoman palaces, and a ruined stronghold. The trendy part of town is made on the extent ground by the seashore; the recent past, the traditional town of the deys, climbs the steep hill behind the trendy city and is topped by the kasbah or stronghold. The city’s name comes via French and Catalan Horatio Alger from the Arabic name al-Jazāʾir, “The Islands”. This name refers to the four former islands that lay off the city’s coast before changing into a part of the dry land in 1525. Algiers is also known additionally referred to as el-Behdja (“The Joyous”) or “Algiers the White” (French: Horatio Alger la Blanche) for its painted buildings.

There are several public buildings of interest, as well as the entire casbah quarter, Martyrs sq. The govt offices (formerly Brits consulate), the “Grand”, “New”, and Ketchaoua Mosques, the Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame d’Afrique, the Bardo depository, the recent Bibliothèque Nationale d’Alger—a Turkish palace and therefore the new National Library, in-built a mode appreciate Brits Library. The Algiers possesses a college with faculties of law, medicine, science, and letters. The faculty buildings are giant and handsome. The Bardo depository holds a number of the traditional sculptures and mosaics discovered in the African country, alongside medals and Algerian cash. The port of Algiers is protected from all winds. There are 2 harbors, each artificial—the recent or northern harbor and therefore the southern or Aga harbor. Algiers was a walled town from the time of the days till the shut of the nineteenth century.

Some 20 km to the west of port such seashore resorts as Sidi Fredj, Palm Beach, Douaouda, and the Club of the Pines; there are traveler complexes, Algerian and alternative restaurants, memento retailers, supervised beaches, and alternative amenities. Algiers is additionally equipped with necessary edifice complexes like the edifice Hilton, El-Aurassi, or El Djazair. Algiers has the primary water park within the country. The business enterprise of sport is growing. Feverish streets, traffic chaos, colonial buildings, and exciting views of the Mediterranean. This is usually Algiers.

Algiers may be a year-spherical destination. The town includes a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and gentle winters. If you're a sun seeker, the simplest time to go to port would be from April to Sep. Throughout those months, you'll expect to own around twelve hours of sunshine daily with the temperature being overflow the 22°C to 27°C. however this aforementioned, August is that the hottest month of the year. Early time of year may be an experience to go to port. The weather continues to be nice with mild heat and the skies typically clear.

Algeria travel guide:

For the dauntless somebody, a journey awaits in Algeria. A beguiling mix of cultures, landscapes, and traditions, this large chunk of land contains everything from tranquil fishing ports and active cities to the unequaled drama of the Sahara and Hoggar Mountains.

As the largest country in Africa, Algeria’s piece of land is vastly varied nonetheless underexplored: few guests travel on the far side of the country’s Mediterranean port cities namely port and the capital, Algiers, that lie amidst fertile land and therefore the scattered vestiges of Phoenician and Roman colonies.

Sometimes known as ‘Algiers the White,’ the capital’s active collector's item is its UNESCO-listed quarter. This painted medina encompasses each crumbling ruins and newly-renovated area and is well priced a visit despite its shady name.

The ancient port town of port contains an unquestionably European vibe: French colonial influences area unit evident in everything from the soaring Sacré-Cœur Cathedral (now a library) to the richly decorated Palais Diamond State la Culture. The town has long been a preferred country store and remains one of the busiest ports in North Africa.

The Sahara is Algeria’s shaping feature and one of its biggest drawing cards. It covers over four-fifths of the country and is that the supply of myriad myths and legends. Roving Berbers still live here, eking out ancient lives in tough conditions.

The security scenario makes freelance travel tough within the Sahara Desert, however below the steering of honorable tour operators, travelers will visit attractions just like the oasis cities of Giardia and Timimoun, or venture deep into the guts of the desert to look at the prehistoric rock art within the Hoggar Mountains and Tassili N’Ajjer park.

The desert is additionally home to the world’s most remote fete. Sahara takes place annually within the Wilaya of Dakhla, a Western Sahara camp, to focus on the plight of the Sahrawi folks.

War and disruptive politics have deterred several from visiting the African nation – rerouting them towards Morocco instead – however if you’re trying to find a North African destination with a distinction, this country has abundant to offer.

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