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Iceland travel guide

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About Iceland

A country of maximum geologic contrasts, Iceland has designed up a formidable commercial enterprise sector with over a pair of million guests a year flocking to visualize its moss-covered volcanic rock fields, glacier-fed ice caves, rock-ribbed coast, and ash-spouting volcanos.

Widely referred to as the land of fireplace and ice, Iceland is filled with splendid scenery that delights and awes at each flip. The word hearth within the phrase refers to Iceland's plenteous volcanoes, that burst into life sporadically. Elemental forces bubble just under the surface across the country, and clever Icelanders have long been accessing heat to come up with electricity, heat water, and heat tomato greenhouses.

Volcanic touristry is additionally moneymaking, with tourists taking journeys to envision effervescent fumaroles and soak in thermal springs. The 2 illustrious samples of the latter square measure the Blue lake and Sky lake close to Reykjavík; each square measures energy spas that aim to appease your aches and pains.

Ice is Iceland's alternative huge draw (the clue is within the name) – a lot of specifically, the dramatic glaciers that slice down towards the coast, birthing icebergs into serene lagoons. Regarding 11 November of the country is roofed in glaciers, with Vatnajökull being the biggest and increasing some 8,400km² (3,243mi²) within the southeast with thick layers of snow blanketing several high, majestic mountain ridges. Iceland's highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur (2,119m or 6,592ft) also can be found here. Guided tours to glaciers, ice caves, and frozen waterfalls square measure wide on the market.

Reykjavík, Iceland's capital town, is where most travelers begin their journey. This fun and spirited town, with its several museums, marine excursions, and vibrant nightlife, is a worthy diversion.

So return to expertise walking in a very volcanic rock cave, climb an ice mass, spot a whale, or catch the colorful aurora borealis in their full glory, undimmed by lightweight pollution within the least densely inhabited nation in Europe. Regardless of what you are doing, a vacation in Iceland is associate expertise you may bear in mind for a lifetime.

Iceland travel guide powered by

Iceland History, Language and Culture

History of Iceland

Iceland was settled by Norse seafarers quite 1,000 years agone and that they initially assembled in Þingvellir (now Thingvellir National Park) within the year 930.

In 1262, Iceland submitted to the King of the Scandinavian country, and Jónsbók (the code of laws) was introduced to the islanders in 1281. In 1397, the forming of the Kalmar Union saw Denmark, Scandinavian country, and Scandinavian country, together with Norway's colonies like Iceland and Kalaallit Nunaat, all came below the management of Denmark. In 1814, the Scandinavian country became freelance, however, Iceland remained a Danish territory. In 1944, Iceland gained its independence, and also the new republic has been celebrating its National Day on seventeen Gregorian calendar months ever since.

Did you know?

• Iceland banned all alcoholic drinks in 1915. Then over the decades, it slowly allowed red wine and spirits, however, brewage remained unlawful till one March 1989 – the day is currently celebrated as Bjordagur (Beer Day).

• several Icelanders believe the existence of huldufólk (hidden folks or elves), United Nations agency are a part of the Icelandic traditional knowledge for hundreds of years.

• Icelanders don't use family names however adopt the primary name of their father or mother as a final name, adding the suffix son (meaning son) or dóttir (meaning daughter).

Iceland Culture

Religion in Iceland

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About eightieth of Icelander's square measure, Lutherans and another 5% belong to different Christian denominations. About 5% of the individuals still practice ásatrú the normal Norse religion.

Social Conventions in Iceland

Iceland includes a ninety-nine literacy rate – its people are knowledgeable, articulate, and polite. Icelandic is that the national language however Danish and English square measure wide spoken. Icelanders fancy having a heat soak in a very sundlaug (heated pool) or an energy spa, with several visiting a pool daily. In each public pool, the subsequent bathing prescript should be discovered

• Take away your shoes before coming into the room. Upon coming into, use the wristband you've got obtained at the reception to induce a locker. place away from your phone as a result of no camera is allowed (unless you're visiting a tourist-oriented energy spa just like the Sky Lagoon).

• Undress and place away from your garments, however, take your garment and towel to the room and leave them in one amongst the shelving units there.

• Wash totally while not your garment. If you're uncomfortable, use one amongst the non-public cubicles.

• Put on your garment and attend the pool. After that, relax in the bathing tub.

• Once you are done, proceed to the shower space and wash once more. You must then dry off with the towel you've got left within the room earlier before coming into the room.

• Put on your garments and visit the hair-drying space if you would like.

• Leave the room and place your shoes outside.

• Drop your wristband into a box, which can open the turnstile therefore you'll leave.

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Weather & geography

Iceland Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

Iceland encompasses a changeable climate tempered by the cold winds from the pole and therefore the heated air from the Gulf stream. with the exception of unexpected changes in weather and temperature, guests ought to additionally expect sturdy winds and cloudy skies.

Rain is common, particularly on the south coast. In the national capital, the typical precipitation is 840mm (33in) a year, however, if you progress any northeast to Akureyri, rain becomes less frequent, averaging about 500mm (20in) a year.

Spring (April to May) starts late however temperatures shortly climb on top of the temperature. In the national capital, the typical temperature reaches 6°C (43°F) by might.

Summer (June to August) is gorgeous, with long days and gentle temperatures. this can be the simplest time to go to Iceland. In the national capital, the sky is also cloudy, however with temperatures hovering around 11°C (52°F) and lots of events happening, it's onerous to not feel happy.

Autumn (September to Oct) starts off comparatively heat however temperatures shortly drop to a mean of 4°C (39°F) by October. In the national capital, rain is frequent however you'll additionally expect a tiny low quantity of snow between December and Jan, with temperatures averaging 0°C (32°F). If you travel north, naturally you'll expect a colder climate. Snow is additionally luxuriant within the plateaus and mountains. watch that you simply solely get many hours of daylight day after day, particularly in December.

Required clothing

As the weather in Iceland will be unpredictable, use layers to stay cool or heat, notwithstanding that month you visit Iceland. Within the winter, add gloves and thermals to your packing list.

Waterproof clothes also are essential. Another must-bring item is swimwear even within the winter, Icelanders visit heated pools or geothermic spas to relax.


Located close to the polar circle, Iceland covers some 103,000km² (39,769mi²) and is that the second-largest island in Europe, when the nice United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Iceland sits on a high of 2 tectonic plates – wherever the Eurasian and yank tectonic plates meet. because the plates split apart step by step, new solid ground is being fashioned and as a result, Iceland grows by concerning 5cm (2in) a year. the foremost vital of those seismal options is seen at Þingvellir (Thingvellir) parkland, notably on the Almannagjá gorge, which is the house between the tectonic plates.

About Martinmas of the country is roofed in glaciers and another seventieth is untenanted. In alternative words, the landscape of Iceland is wild, ferine however very stunning, dotted with majestic waterfalls, covering volcanoes, moss-covered volcanic rock fields, and black sand beaches. The moon-like landscape conjointly makes Iceland the best coaching ground for yank astronauts. The Phoebus eleven crew were trained within the areas around Húsavík, a little fishing village on Iceland's northern coast.

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