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New Year Celebrations in Norway

New Year Celebrations in Norway

Travel guide in Norway

The gist of Norway's appeal is remarkably simple: it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Exciting landscape celebrations

Impossibly steep-sided Norwegian fjord of unusual beauty cut deep into the interior a gnarled landfall. Snakes descending from glaciers, grand and glorious, icebergs that rank among the largest in Europe. Elsewhere, the hilly terrain inland Norway bears a resemblance to the walls of many natural castles and yields rocky coastal islands that grow imperceptibly out of the water as a spectacle. Then, of course, there is the primitive appeal, the extravagant and wonderful beauty of the Arctic. And you find yourself in this most extraordinary country, these landscapes serve as a backdrop for some of the maximum beautiful villages in Europe.

Enjoying nature the Call to Action

Enjoying nature is an active pursuit in Norway, and it is one of the most exciting and diverse adventure tourism destinations in Europe. While some of the activities on offer are designed for the young, energetic, and fearless, most - such as world-class hiking in summer, cycling, and white-water rafting, and dog-sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling in winter - can be enjoyed by anyone with reasonable fitness. Whether you’re here for the seemingly endless possibilities of summer, or for the snow-sports and soul-stirring northern lights of winter, these activities are a delightful way to get closer to nature.

New Year Celebrations in Norway

The natural beauty of Scandinavian sophistication

The countertop of Norway's ever-present natural beauty is found in its vibrant cultural life. Norwegian cities display cosmic and Scandinavian flair famous for their designs for centuries. Bergen, Trondheim, and Alesund must be among the most photogenic cities in Europe, while the icons of contemporary Arctic-inspired architecture identify urban and rural countryside alike. Food, too, is a cultural emotion through which Norwegians push the boundaries of innovation even as they draw deeply into the sincere love for tradition. At the same time, a busy calendar of festivals, many international celebrities, is valuable for planning your trip.

See the Wonderful wildlife

When it comes to wildlife, Norway has some colleagues in Europe. Here you can see whales - humpbacks, sperm, and orcs depending on the season - from Andenes, Stoe, or Tromso, while inland wild deer, prehistoric musk ox, Ponderess elk (Moose), or Arctic fox are alluring. From Bleik's Puffin to Runde and Varanger's migratory seabirds, birds are a highlight. But the real prize lies in Norway's Upper Arctic, Svalbard, where the polar bear and walrus are desert poster species of rare, dramatic, and uncertain beauty.

Oslo, the capital of Norway new year celebration

The fast-growing Norwegian capital, Oslo, is beautifully located at the head of the Fajr. With its new surroundings and spectacular architecture, it is one of the most modern capitals in Europe and has a wide variety of activities and attractions. Wisland Sculpture Park, Viking Ship Museum, Manch Museum, Acker Brigade, and Oslo Opera House are some of the places of interest.

Fjord celebrates the New Year in Norway

Travel across the Norwegian Winter Wonders from Oslo to Flum on the Bergen- and Flum Railway. Experience an identical New Year's celebration with a Viking Feast dinner with a festivity Fjord Cruise with live music and fireworks to welcome the new year.

New Year Celebrations in Norway

Travel guidelines- Norway Arctic Adventure

The Arctic travels the world for an unforgettable adventure, Kirkenes, Norway. The trip includes winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobile safaris, ice fishing for the world's largest king crab, admiring the Northern Lights, and spending a night at the Snow Hotel. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide, out-fitted in the Arctic gear suitable for your activities, and introduced to the unique culture of the North. Before heading to Northern Norway, you will spend the first night in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

This holiday season is for those who want to experience the real Arctic. Your guide is friendly, local people who are knowledgeable and proud of their environment.

Snowmobile Safari, Kirkenes

Breakfast at the hotel. Morning free. At 13.00 your guide will meet you at your hotel and take you to Snowmobile Resort, about 15 minutes walk from Kirkenes. You will receive a lesson on how to operate a snowmobile and will be provided with suitable Arctic gear. When ready, you will travel on a snowmobile across the polar landscape with your guide. Each snowmobile is split between two people and stops can be made along the way so that drivers and passengers can change positions. There will be an outdoor lunch and coffee break during the trip. The total length of the trip is about 50 kilometers, but depending on the weather conditions. Duration - 4 hours.

King Crab Safari - Snow Hotel, Kirkenes

Breakfast at the hotel. At 13.00 you will be taken to the hotel for a King Crab safari, followed by lunch at the home of the local fishermen. The jailer will take you to his historic home from where the "fishing trip" fjord begins. You will be given warm winter clothes: Overall, winter boots and mittens. Since you will be a passenger on a sled pulled by a snowmobile, you will have to wear a helmet. Everyone is taking part in the ice hole sawing tour. Big catches, king crabs, will be served for lunch at the fishermen's house. Gorgeous, the white flesh of the feet and claws is particularly juicy and has a naturally sweet taste. The legs of a king crab are enough to provide a full meal to an adult. The presentation is simple, but in the case of seafood, the taste is in a league of its own. Duration - 4 hours.

At 17:00 your guide will meet you at your hotel from where you will be transferred to Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Welcome, drink at Snow Bar, and a chance to meet some reindeer. The evening continues with a 3-course dinner at a nearby wooden restaurant near a cozy fireplace, with some Arctic fare.

Carcanet Snow Hotel is a beautiful piece of snow architecture and sculpture of Arctic nature. The hotel has 20 suites, ice sculptures, and live reindeer. A reindeer safari park, within walking distance of Kirkenes in Snow Hotel Gabba. The big luggage stays overnight at the Thon Hotel Kirkenes and you only need to carry a small bag with you overnight at the Snowhotel. Long underwear, pullovers, hats, and socks are required.

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