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8 best winter cruises tour from the UK

Winter cruises tour

Although some lucky cruisers were able to sail around the UK this summer or even to the mainland of Europe, many of us felt that the summer season had passed through our fingers.

Cruising is popular all year round. However, many cruise ships head to the state for the winter. They follow the sun to offer warm Caribbean cruises between October and April before returning to Europe in the summer season.

If you prefer to cruise from the UK, there are some great options for a winter cruise from Southampton, but not as much as in the summer.

This article discusses some of the best no-fly winter cruise destinations from the UK. So read on to find out which port to visit and which cruise ship will take you there.

The long-awaited changes to the government's travel rules have come as the summer heat has subsided, and for those who are still nervous about flying, it can be cool to watch our favorite ships sail to the Caribbean in the winter.

But not so fast! In fact, several ships sailed from the UK throughout the winter months and into the spring, visiting both sunny climates in the south and less clear winter destinations further north. Here's our guide to some of the best no-fly options ...

8 best winter cruises tour from the UK

1. Canary Islands cruises tour

The Canary Islands are sometimes described as a destination with very little to offer outside of the beach and winter temperatures, but this rugged archipelago is amazingly diverse, from the lush vegetation of La Palma to the lunar landscape of Lanzarote. Saga cruises depart from Southampton to the Canary Islands in November, December, January, and March on the 999-guest Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure board, while Queen Elizabeth of Cunard visits the Canary in November, December and January, also sailing from Southampton.

Because the Canary Islands are 2,500 miles from the United Kingdom, Canary Island cruises typically run from 12 to 16 nights, with 14-night cruises being the most common.

You will usually spend two or three days at sea at the beginning and end of your cruise before reaching your first call-off port. During this time, the weather will get warmer every day as your ship moves further south. 

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Caribbean cruises tour

2. Caribbean cruises tour

One of Cunard's other queens, Queen Mary 2, travels from Southampton on a round-trip from Southampton to the Caribbean in both January and March 2022, visiting islands including Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts, with a new call home on the March departure. York. Saga’s Spirit of Adventure travels a similar route from Southampton in late February, where you spend plenty of relaxing ocean days while taking a short trip across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Bermuda.

See Arctic light

3. See Arctic light

Not everyone is looking for the winter sun, of course, and there are more opportunities than ever before to enjoy the Northern Lights on a former UK cruise this winter. Hurtigruten's biofuel-powered expedition ship MS Maud will conduct one-on-one winter sailing round-trip from Dover off the coast of Norway to the Northern Cape, giving you a great opportunity to see the aurora, while the Viking sea ship Viking Venus will offer. A handful of similar vessels sailed from Tilbury to Bergen in January, February, and March, and the Saga’s Spirit of Adventure sailed north from Southampton in February.

Europe cruises tour

4. Europe cruises tour

A short winter cruise from the UK is a great way to explore the traditional Christmas markets of European cities. You need to wrap up the warmth because the weather will be like the UK.

But, if you don't mind packing your hat, scarf, and gloves and going on a cruise, winter can be a great time to explore.

A cruise ship can cross the Channel in just a few hours, which means you'll get a cruise as short as two nights. For the best experience though, you'll probably want to look for something that lasts four to seven nights.

British Isles cruises tour

5. British Isles cruises tour

How do you like a trip to Scotland in February? The impeccable Hebrew Princess begins her 2022 season with a short four-night cruise from Greenwich on February 28th, offering the opportunity to sample this unique ship without the promise of the remarkably high fare she ordered in the summer months.

Things should have warmed up by April 10, when Seaborne's first expedition ship, the Seaborne Venture, made its debut, sailing from Greenwich to Edinburgh on a beautiful spring voyage that includes the Silly Islands, Arkani, and the remote St. Kilda. April also gives Swan Hellenic a try to reboot into British waters, as SH Vega embarks on a diversified itinerary from Portsmouth to Dublin that takes in some highlights from northern France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

Belgium and the Netherlands cruises tour

6. Belgium and the Netherlands cruises tour

Of course, it is quite possible to enjoy a no-fly cruise from a UK port without a boat. Universal's River Cruises offers a convenient and low-carbon option if you are within attractive distances from St Pancras Station, instead of flying from the UK on your cruise to Eurostar. Check out their lovely 'tulips and windmills' cruises between Amsterdam and Antwerp in March and April, with highlights including Kinderdisk's Windmill, Bruise, and Ghent's Entering Cities, and Keukenhof's famous gardens.

The Mediterranean cruises tour

7.  The Mediterranean cruises tour

If you have two weeks of time and want a combination of mild weather and city sights, a winter med cruise might be for you.

Cruise ports in Spain and Italy can be very busy in the summer, but if you don't think about returning with Santan, traveling in the winter months can be a lot more comfortable, with small queues to attract tourists. And also the price of cheap cruises.

Your ship will have to sail around Spain to get to the Mediterranean, so your cruise will take you about two weeks.

Norway cruises tour

8. Norway cruises tour

According to a recent survey, a trip to the Northern Lights is the most sought-after travel experience. A cruise in Norway offers one of the best ways to experience this wonder of Mother Nature, also known as Aurora Borealis.

For your best chance of seeing the spectacular northern lights, head north on a Norwegian cruise between November and March.

While a typical summer cruise in Norway usually lasts seven nights, cruises in Northern Lights last a little longer, typical duration of 12 nights.

This is because the ships sail farther north, crossing the Arctic Circle for the best view of the bright sky.

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