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Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

Luxury cruises are popular with everyone for their stunning design, impeccable service, and great experience. With that in mind, here is a list of the world's most luxurious sea and river cruise ships.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


One of the world's most luxurious medium-sized ships, the Europa 2 is an all-suite, each with a balcony. Modern, casual but driven by the impeccable skill of its German owners, on-board life includes European chic and the prices of seven restaurants, elegant open-air yacht clubs, and Tarragon with French food of Art Deco styling. The following year Hapag-Lloyd Cruises launched its Hanseatic ship, designed for luxurious adventure travel. Waking up in an on-deck Pilates class in the early morning sun, or having a late brunch in the sun. 

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Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The spirit of sea travel as it was in the original Golden Age: huge ships and a great way of life. Yet now Cunard's ships, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth, also receive holiday hotspots. This does not mean that you will miss the elegant black-tie dinner, dance party, refined atmosphere, or Art Deco styling that is mostly away from the ship. And wherever you go you feel like a movie star - everyone loves the glitz on the world's most famous cruise line, and crowds often fill the coast. Afternoon tea on the beach, served by white-gloved waiters. Queen Victoria's 14-night Mediterranean Highlights cruise in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Gibraltar.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The name of this ultra-posh company is Orient Express and behind the Grand Hotels around the world. It has two ships in Irrawaddy, while the string of its magnificent river barge, for a maximum of 12 guests, travels in the comfortable waters of France. Think of gorgeous furnishings and very distinct rooms, mixed with flavors of gourmet food, wine tours, and truffles. Bob in the on-deck pool, champagne in hand, while you're shaking along the backwaters of a canal. A seven-night cruise through the Champagne area in the new Belmond Pivoin passes through vineyards like Maren, View Clickcoat, and Mom.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


It's “yachting not cruising,”  they say, a pair of state-of-the-art twin ships, the SeaDream 1 and SeaDream 2, for just 112 passengers (each with 95 crew). From May to October, it is the cream of the mead, then the warm waters of the Caribbean, always aimed at smaller ports. The words ‘caviar’ and ‘lobster’ are grown in plush restaurants and you can do Waterski from the Water Sports platform. Take a sip of cognac at the top of the yacht panoramic bar when you travel at night. A five-night round trip from the Monte Carlo playground, with a higher life in Cannes and San Tropez.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The sights are known for the space-string of spaceships: state-of-the-art river ships with all-inclusive services, plenty of dining venues, and e-bikes that you can borrow to explore the vineyards, hillsides, and river banks. This spring, however, things have gone up a notch with the Scenic Eclipse, a breathtaking new ocean exploration ship. The Plush service is available no matter where you are in the world, including an onboard helicopter and a seven-seater mini-submarine.

Kayak between penguins and whales, then settle for a great dinner.

One of the best cruise routes of all time, a 21-day adventure in Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands from a round trip to Buenos Aires will allow you to see the wildlife in their local habitat and explore the natural wonders.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The East Coast Country Club (Understated Decor, a seamless way of life) on six ships, carries 700 to 1,250 guests, mainly for smaller, less mainstream ports. Inspired by master chef Jack Pepin, Oceania claims the best food of the ocean with a great selection of free specialty restaurants and has won the title of the coolest best food at the Cruise Awards over the years. There are even cooking schools for guests on both ships, as well as culinary discovery tours, allowing you to browse local markets or wineries. Outstanding Polo Grill Steakhouse Entering 32oz Porterhouse. The Panama Canal is a 17-day paradise cruise from Panama to Regatta from Los Angeles to Miami.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

7. Silver Moon

Silversea Cruises

Cruisers seeking an intimate experience should book a trip to Silversea's Silver Moon, one of the line's newer ships. Launched in June 2021, the Silver Moon holds only 596 passengers. And with 411 crew members, travelers can expect a mind-blowing experience.

A standout benefit is the Sea and Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) program. The goal of the dining experience is to introduce passengers to their destination through food. Onboard, S.A.L.T. The lab allows travelers to taste and participate in workshops, while S.A.L.T. The kitchen provides a unique dining experience. On the shore, diners can book special culinary-centric trips through the program. Not an adventurous eater? No worries. Silver Moon boasts of seven extra dishes that serve everything from pizza to tapas to grilled meats and fish.

After a delicious meal, travelers will have access to a wide range of amenities, including the Jagara Beauty Spa, a pool, several whirlpool pools, a lounge, and a fitness center. As the evening draws to a close, cruisers can press their luck at the casino or watch a show at the Venice Lounge.

Like other Silvercy ships, the Silver Moon accommodates all suites, ranging in size from 334 to 1,970 square feet. Each suite has butler service, a marble bathroom, free Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TV, a minibar, and large windows. Also, you will receive a welcome bottle of champagne. The upgraded stateroom can include multiple bedrooms, seating, and bathrooms; Eli Espresso Machine; Everyday canapes, and private balconies.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


Elegant, medium-sized ships (all 15) combined with the fine contemporary decor of the newly decorated suites with a golden age feel of transatlantic cruising. It has rich wood, original artwork (worth millions), and outstanding flower displays. Several of the ship's inspirations were inspired by faded interior designer Adam D. Tihany.

Make your own wine at Blend then have a concert on Lincoln Center Stage. The 21-day Bermuda and Summer Cuba collectors are moving from the Boston Round Trip to the Bahamas, Cayman, and Jamaica.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The Über-posh ocean liner Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, both for about 1,000 guests, are a California feel and host of restaurants and bars, at least not the Crystal Dining Room, as rich and dark as the American Steakhouse. Then there are five future new river ships in Europe, with the Crystal Esprit, a superyacht

For 62 people. But it all started with a sea voyage and the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony include gorgeous Broadway-style shows, nightclubs, and more. Breakfast on one's porch

Super-Swiss Penthouse. Into the Midnight Sun is a 14-night cruise from Dover to the Norwegian coast in the Northern Cape and back, with lots of fjords.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The emerald waterway star-ships are shiny and contemporary, with an indoor pool (under a retractable glass roof) showing great views while traveling on the great rivers of Europe. There are EmeraldPlus tours (concerts, drinks parties, and the like) and EmeraldActive outings (bike tours, hikes) and always a drink waiting for you when you come back thanks to the all-inclusive service. Emerald Liberté, launching this year, has all the styles on a small scale to deal with the borders of Rhône and Saône in France. Drink regional wine while enjoying an onboard Provenal dinner courtesy of Visiting Chef. The eight-day Sensations of Southern France sailed to Emerald Liberty, taking in its vineyards and vineyards, including its famous bridge.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


Dozens of Avalon suites bring the world in - floor to ceiling, wall to wall sliding glass windows open the whole house like a porch, the bed facing the river. The other eight ships also explore Europe (as well as far-flung places - Vietnam, Myanmar, Amazon, and Galapagos). Borrow a bike to explore (they'll even pack a picnic for you), then enjoy the wonderful food from Ren Vienna Culinary School using local, seasonal ingredients. A complimentary glass of champagne for breakfast. An eight-day taste of the Danube from Vienna to Budapest, or vice versa, regularly from £ 2,217pp, including dinner, wine, flight, and VIP home pick-up service.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


A collection of small ships offering luxurious cruises with French attractions, atmosphere, and cuisine (not carrying more than 300 guests), including sails from the Superior to Le Ponant.

The new expedition ships Le Champlain and Le Lapérouse are the ships of the future, including a water sports platform.

The zodiac is inflatable and the mastermind of food is French chef Alain Ducas. Drinks on the Blue Eye, windows in the new ship's multi-sensory underwater lounge. The 13-day natural wonder of Le Champlain from Manaus in the heart of the Rainforest to Belem on the Brazilian coast.

 Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours 13. AMA WATERWAYS

One of the most sophisticated river cruise companies offering luxury cruises. The new ship AmaLea continues the tradition in both rooms and Ama Waterways' inspired cuisine with both French and outdoor porches. Chaîne des Rôtisseurs membership (at least not at the chef's table, a testing menu in front of you, all included). Travel to each port with plenty of places to rest (and a fleet of bicycles to borrow). Lodging in the on-deck pool under the European sun, then splashing at the swimming bar. A 14-Night Magnificent Europe, from Amsterdam to Budapest with Amalie Cruise Colon, Vienna, Bratislava, and more.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The state-of-the-art small-ship luxury cruise has only 458 guests on each of the five ships, all with the feeling of a private club, not least the new Seaborne Ovation, created by exceptional interior designer Adam D Tihany. All-suite accommodation (a free minibar stocked with your choice), wine is served with dinner, there is no surcharge no matter where you stay in the spellbinding restaurant, and each ship has a fold-down water sports platform. Dining on food prepared by American chef Thomas Keller, behind several Michelin-starred restaurants, including French Laundry in California. 14-night Thailand and Vietnam Cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


Viking Sea Ships is a cool, serene, contemporary glamorous oasis that has become a hallmark of the brand with a boutique Scandinavian feel, offering luxury cruises with a contemporary twist. The fleet has grown to six in 2018, with 930 guests in each. The Wintergarden Hall is a stylish place for (admirable) afternoon tea, The Spa has a wealth of Nordic touches and delightful treats, and the restaurants included are excellent, including Italian, Manfredi's, widely acclaimed for serving some of the best steaks at sea. A complimentary shore journey and unlimited free WiFi at each port. A 29-day East Asian Odyssey from Bangkok to Beijing, or vice versa, with seven calls to China.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

Silversea's growing collection of boutique ships (now nine) is owned by the Italian family and has a glorious low Europe-Meet-America feel, perfect for an elegant luxury cruise. A selection of smooth restaurants with pale shades (of course never beige) and all-inclusive treats. There are conventional luxury ships (such as the new 2017 flagship Silver Muse for 596 guests) and there are luxury expedition ships, followed by Silversea's new Couture Collection, the super-upscale add-on. Dinner at La Dame, French Fine Dining from the menu of top Relais & Châteaux chefs.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

17. Silver Muse

Silversea Cruises

Launched in April 2017, Silver Muse offers an approximately 1-to-1 crew-to-guest ratio, with space for 411 crew members and 596 passengers. The ship's standout features include spacious all-suite accommodations, ranging from 334 sq ft to 1,389 sq ft. All cabins are serviced by a butler and include luxurious bed sheets, a marble bath with Bulgarian cosmetics, and a photo window or veranda. Although all passengers have free daily internet access, those in the upgraded suite enjoy additional benefits such as a veranda, multiple flat-screen TVs, and an interactive media library. When it comes to dining, Silver Muse boasts eight venues that feature a variety of cuisine, including Italian and Asian, as well as French fare at the higher La Dame. Like other fleet ships, the Silver Muse offers a variety of onboard activities and facilities, including a spa, a pool deck and gym, a casino, and several lounges.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

18. Seabourn Odyssey

The Seaborne Odyssey is a luxury yacht-style ship that carries 458 passengers on a worldwide voyage. Passengers from North America, Britain, Europe, and Australia are generally well-heeled and rocky. Lighting is a common theme in shipwrecks as the blonde wood, cream walls, the use of pale marble and skylights, and the clear glass brighten the mood and give a contemporary feel.

Launched in June 2009, the Seabourn Odyssey is the first of three bonuses to be distributed on the Seabourn Cruise Line by T. Mariotti Shipyard, Genoa, Italy. The second bonus was distributed in June 2010, while the third will be distributed in 2011. The order value of the three bonuses was 550m.

Designed by Norwegian Yaran & Storbraten Architects, the ship is built using advanced technology and new materials. It has a total tonnage of 32,000 tons, a total length of 198.15 m, and a water level of 179.8 m. The depth of the upper deck from the designed depth of the ship is 15.25 m, while the depth from the depth to the main deck is 9 m. Ship width and draft are 26m and 6.4m respectively.

The ship accommodates 450 guests in 225 luxury suites. The service onboard is supported by 335 crew members.

The ship is equipped with a new concierge lounge called Seaborn Square, which allows guests to access each shipboard service. Lounge facilities include an upscale shop, an outdoor terrace, a coffee bar, and a library.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


Includes everything on and off the ship with Regent Seven Sis. There is unlimited travel, onboard culinary exhibitions, and food and beverage tastes, specialties. Dining (including Prime 7 Steakhouse and French Restaurant Chartreuse). The four medium-sized ships include the Seven Seas Explorer (named after Princess Charlene of Monaco, no less), rated one of the best cruise ships in the world. Chill out at the Infinity-Edge Plunge pool near the sea outside the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. The 25-day deluxe South American Discovery combines a 16-night cruise with Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and the iconic Iguaza Falls.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

Designed for luxurious cruises, a river fleet carries a destination fleet of 98 or 130 guests in a club-like environment, both spacious and intimate with sophisticated decor that bows to the past while incorporating the present. All-inclusive service, a choice of food, bikes to borrow, culinary demos, and included trips, often to exclusive locations. Keeping the environment moist from 24-hour on-deck rotation. The 14-day Royal Danube offers three days in Berlin and Krakow Berlin, seven-night cruises, and three nights in Krakow, including wine tasting and bike rides.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


The American Queen, the world's finest paddlewheel, has Victorian styling but free coffee and cookies while you sit in the rocking chair. J.M. The White Dining Room is nice with lots of Southern-inspired food and includes tours with smart coaches following Riverboat while walking along the Mississippi. A sophisticated southbound evening trip while sipping bourbon by the splashing paddle wheel on the small veranda of the engine room bar. A seven-night vacation from Memphis to New Orleans Cruise on a 16-day vacation, two nights each, as well as an escorted tour in Atlanta and Nashville. From £ 6,399pp, Flight, Cruise Dinner with Wine and VIP door-to-door travel service departing October 24th.

 Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours


Celebrity cruises have a smooth ship, a natural link between small boutique ships and mainstream ships. Elegant restaurant, smart theater, and neat bar. Yet it also has a small collection of small expedition ships dedicated to the Galápagos region, the least exceptional new Galápagos ships not Celebrity Flora, specially designed for protected areas and carrying 100 guests - and a Michelin-acting chef. Celebrity Flora's top-deck sky suit with its ceiling folded back so you can sleep under the stars. The seven-night Galapagos Outer Loop ride includes landing and traveling to the shore twice a day.

 Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

23. Seven Seas Explorer

The Seven Seas Explorer, the first new ship built for Regent Seven Seas Cruise in 13 years, made its maiden voyage on July 20, 2016. It is the fourth ship in their fleet, and one of the most luxurious cruise ships ever built.

Prestige Cruise Holdings, the parent company of Regent Seven Seas Cruise, placed an order for the cruise ship in July 2013. The new ship was built by Fincantieri at the Sestri Ponente shipyard in Genoa, Italy.

The first steel for the Seven Seas Explorer was cut in July 2014 at a ceremony marking the official start of construction. Reservations for the first voyage began in early 2015 when the cruise ship was delivered in June 2016.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

24. Viking Sky

Viking Sky is a cruise ship built by Fincantieri for the Viking Ocean Cruise at Ancona Shipyard. It was delivered in 2015 and 2016, respectively, by Viking Star and Viking Sea sister ships.

Viking Sky was launched in March 2016 and delivered to Viking Ocean Cruises in January 2017. The ship made its maiden voyage from the port of Civitavecchia in Rome on 25 February 2017 to Barcelona, ​​Spain via Naples, Sicily, Tunisia, Sardinia, Palma. And Valencia.

The cruise ship had an engine failure in March 2019 while en route from Tromso, Norway to Stavanger. The power plant was shut down due to low levels of lubricating oil in the tank.

Viking Sky is equipped with four MAN 32 / 44CR engines that power the Rolls-Royce Promus propulsion and maneuvering system. The Promas system incorporates propeller and rudder into a single unit to enhance hydrodynamic efficiency. The propulsion unit includes a six-blade 4.5 m-diameter fixed-pitch mono-block propeller.

Top 25 Luxury Cruises & Tours

25. Seabourn Ovation

Seabourn Cruise Line

The ship is 210 meters long and 28 meters wide and has a total tonnage of 40,350 tons. It has the capacity to accommodate 600 guests on a double-occupancy basis and travels at a speed of 18.6k.

Seaborne Ovation is a part of Carnival Corporation, the second of two ultra-luxury cruise ships ordered from Fincantieri by the Seaborne cruise line. This is Sister Ship at Siebourne Encore, which was delivered in November 2016. The Seaborn Oval was launched in December 2016 at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Cestri, Italy, and the ship was delivered in April 2018. The cruise ship made its maiden voyage in May 2018.

The ship has four Wärtsilä 32 engines, and a diesel-electric propulsion drive system, including two 6,000kW double-winding synchronous motors, two frequency converters with line-controlled inverters, and two fixed pitch propellers.

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