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Top 30 most expensive cities in the world to visit in 2022

Top 30 most expensive cities in the world to visit in 2022

30 most expensive cities in the world

Tel Aviv Israel

most expensive cities in the world

The Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, is considered one of the most luxurious and expensive cities in the world. The city is known for its horse intelligence! With cultural awareness and determination, the city has earned its status as the "Mediterranean Capital of the Coast". This city is constantly active. It never stays calm. Its cuisine, culture, heritage, museums, nightlife, beaches, food, and everything else is incredible!

It's amazing to see how active and determined this city really is! The city represents the entire state of Israel. With Bauhaus buildings, you'll be lost in the splendor of the city as if you were in a dream! Learn about more  Tel Aviv

Paris France

most expensive cities in the world

Paris is considered the capital of France and the largest city in France, with an estimated population of more than 2175,601 100 sq km (41 sq mi) in 2018. In the seventeenth century, Paris was one of the most important centers in Europe for trade, diplomacy, finance, fashion, as well as gastronomy, as well as science and art. Paris is the city of Paris, the central and administrative seat of the province and region of Ile-de-France, also known as the Paris region, with an estimated population of 12,174,880. It is estimated that the GDP of the Paris region in 2017 was EUR709 billion ($ 808 billion). According to the 2018 Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost of Living survey, Paris was the second most expensive city in the world after Singapore. But across Zurich, Hong Kong, Oslo, and Geneva. Another report ranks Paris as the most expensive cities in the world, which in 2018 was on par with Singapore as well as Hong Kong. Learn more top 10 facts about Paris.

Zurich, Switzerland

most expensive cities in the world

The cost of living in Switzerland is extremely expensive. The beautiful alpine lifestyle, as well as its political and economic stability, high-quality healthcare, and high standard of living, are all costly. This is why Zurich (fourth), Bern (eighth) as well as Geneva (ninth) are prominent in the list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world for 2020.

Despite the high cost of living, it remains a popular destination for foreigners. It ranks 15th most popular country with the former British Pat. The Swiss Office for Statistics reports that the number of foreigners in Switzerland has reached about 2.2 million, representing a quarter (25.3 percent) of the population (about 8.6 million).

A city is full of natural beauty. The number of fountains has exceeded 1k. These fountains differ in their size. Some are simple, some remind you of past history. The Zurich Clock is known as one of the largest church clocks in Zurich for its beautiful surroundings that blend in with nature.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, USA most expensive cities in the world

Los Angeles, often spoken and its initials are the largest city in L.A., California. With a population of 3,898,747, it is the second-largest city in the United States after New York City and the third-largest city in North America after Mexico City and New York City. Los Angeles is known for its Mediterranean climate, diverse ethnic as well as cultural diversity, the Hollywood entertainment business as well as its vast metropolitan area.

Los Angeles is home to nearly four million inhabitants, making it the second-largest city in the United States. When you consider the other cities, including Los Angeles County, the urban area has over 10 million inhabitants. It is difficult to generalize about such a vast and diverse area; However, one thing can be said for sure: Los Angeles is an expensive town to live in.

In addition to its abundance of palm tree boulevards, glittering nightlife and bows, Los Angeles boasts a significant influence on the country's culture. Much more than other cities, jobs in Los Angeles focus on design, art, entertainment, sports and media. Lots of people come here to establish themselves in this area.

New York, USA

New York, USA most expensive cities in the world

It is not a fact that life in New York City is expensive. Before the average NYC resident check even reaches their bank account, they are paying the most expensive tax rate on the country's income and paying higher taxes at both local and state levels. In addition, future residents will have to contend with the most expensive home in the country. This is especially true for NYC residents who want to live in downtown and live in Manhattan.

The cost of living in NYC starts with an isolated market for housing. The average cost of a two-bedroom home in New York City is $ 2999, according to a March 2019 report from Apartment List. One-bedroom and studio apartment rents are $ 1,889 and $ 2,098 and $ 2,098 per month, respectively.

If you buy or rent it, you will be responsible for the cost of the utilities. A basic utility package costs 9145.55 for a 915 sq ft property in New York, based on Mai 2019 data. This includes electricity, heating water, waste and heating, which is about 7 7 less than the US average for one month's basic utilities (152.02).

Following housing, the highest cost for many Americans is transportation. For car owners, this is the cost of maintaining, maintaining, charging and storing their vehicle. If you travel on public transport and you drive to catch a train or bus you are in the pocket of a transit pass as well as parking.

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Singapore  most expensive cities in the world

Singapore is a very beautiful city and also the most expensive cities in the world. Singapore is considered to be one of the top places to live and that is for an excellent reason. From public transport to business and ecosystems, Singapore is far more efficient than all the innovative countries across different sectors.

Like most states, Singapore's lifestyle varies from region to region. Some areas have shopping areas, others include the financial districts of Singapore. These elements and much more can affect your budget while you are in Singapore.

1. The Central Region of Singapore is said to be recognized as the highest rate for rent in the city, mainly due to its proximity to financial centers and shopping malls in Singapore.

2. Singapore's most affordable fares are available between the northeast of Singapore and the north of Singapore. Foreigners love these areas and don't have to worry about buying an automobile to take their children to school.

3. In the case of driving, it is not practical to get an automobile in Singapore In addition to the market price, local charges pile up on top of each other. This is to discourage people from using private cars and to make public transport more active.

4. With the exception of malls, grocery stores are usually less expensive because you can buy locally sourced products and the best brands.

5. Hawker centers are more popular for dinings, such as luxury restaurants or fast-food chains.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China most expensive cities in the world

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China, is a metropolitan and special administrative region of China located in the Eastern Pearl River Delta of southern China. With an area of ​​1,104 square kilometers (426 square miles) and a population of over 7.5 million, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

It was originally a less populated area of ​​fishing and agricultural villages. It is now a commercial port as well as one of the largest financial centers. The country is the tenth-largest exporter and the ninth-largest importer. Hong Kong has a major capitalist services economy characterized by low taxes and open trade. The Hong Kong dollar is the eighth most widely used currency in the world. Hong Kong is home to the third-highest number of billionaires in the world, as well as the second-highest number of billionaires in Asia, and the largest number of super-high-net-worth individuals in any of the surrounding cities. Globe Although the city is home to one of the world's top earners, there is still a huge disparity in income among the population.

Hong Kong is a highly developed region and ranks fourth according to the United Nations Human Development Index. The city is home to the largest number of skyscrapers in every city in the world, and the life expectancy of its inhabitants is the longest in the world. The densely populated area of ​​the city has created a rich transportation system with a public transport rate of over 90 percent.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland most expensive cities in the world

Costs in Switzerland are more expensive than the European average. According to the 2014 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Zurich ranks in the top two, with Geneva being the sixth and fifth most expensive city in Europe. Utility and housing, clothing, healthcare, food and leisure activities are more expensive in Switzerland. Transportation, electronics, and telecommunications are comparable to other parts of Europe. Gasoline prices are lower than in France and Italy, but the cost of owning a car is much higher. Despite the volatility in the eurozone, the Swiss policy of enforcing a minimum exchange rate for the euro has managed to keep inflation low since 2010.

The cost of renting an apartment in Geneva is more than in New York or Paris and more than double that of Amsterdam as well as Brussels. The two-bedroom apartments you will find in Geneva range in price from CHF 2,300 to 3,500 per month. Renting a house costs more than an apartment.

Based on the Geneva Lunch, a family of four needs a minimum of 7000 CHF per month to live on average. In general, as elsewhere, the norm is that the cost of rent should not exceed 25% of the total monthly income.


Monthly rent is a charge for fees and utilities, which usually includes heating and maintenance. This is a one-time fee and will be estimated after actual use and then paid. Electricity is charged directly to the tenant.


London, England

London, England most expensive cities in the world

The city of London in England has earned a reputation for being the most luxurious city in the world, best known for its historical attractions and the study of historical sites. One of the main reasons for making London is that it is famous for its study of various subjects and English literature comes first among them. But the luxurious city is known for its hospitable environment, clothing and behavior of the inhabitants.

Also, the city embraces everyone with different thoughts and cultural backgrounds. People of different nationalities are never afraid to welcome all kinds of cultural events. The city is beautiful because of its numerous structures, monuments, statues and stunning location. Learn about the best things to do in London

Bangkok, Thailand

Top 30 most expensive cities in the world

The city that never sleeps and is always busy Bangkok is one of the most luxurious cities in the world for various reasons. A city is a fascinating place where there is not enough time to sit and lie down for a second. The city is always crowded with tourists, all day and all night. The city is also a magnet for tourists for a few breathtaking places.

Like visiting the Grand Palace. The palace is much bigger than you can imagine and where the government can do most of the work in the country. Also, it is worth noting that the bank has a clever market that is a must-see for those who want to go there and buy special items for relatives and friends at the lowest prices. In addition, the river that flows through the city of Bangkok overlooks the city. Its beauty is admirable.

San Francisco City of California

San Francisco most expensive cities in the world

San Francisco is one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world Especially in America. The high cost of living in San Francisco is due to its evolving technology industry and proximity to Silicon Valley. The Gulf region could become more expensive this year due to the high number of technology companies expected to reach the public. Living in San Francisco, California (USA) is 19% more expensive than living in Los Angeles, California (USA).

A popular tourist destination, San Francisco is known for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture and the Golden Gate Bridge, cable car, former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Fisherman's Wharf and its Chinatown district.

SAN FRANCISCO, California (KRON) - Time Out has crowned San Francisco as the "best city in the world" for its 2021 residency. Media and entertainment companies surveyed more than 27,000 city dwellers on dining, nightlife, friendships and environmental initiatives. With a list of the greatest cities in the world.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) - For the sixth year in a row, the San Francisco metro area is the most expensive place to live in the country. Prices here were 17% higher than the 2020 national average, according to federal data. Apartment rent in the metro area is more than double that of 2019.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria most expensive cities in the world

The city was ranked 54th out of 209 cities in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2020; Vienna is an expensive place for ex-pats. It is extremely important that ex-Pat who moves to Vienna for work make sure that their salary is sufficient to cover the cost of living.

The positive side lies in the fact that Vienna is still less expensive than several European destinations such as Zurich, Copenhagen and London. Additionally, Vienna meets all budgets and offers many options for those who want to reduce costs and those who want a Vienna lifestyle.

The cost of accommodation is one of the biggest costs the ex-Patra will face in Vienna. Rental costs vary based on the size of the city as well as the quality and size of the home. In the city center, it is more expensive than living in the suburbs.

The second most expensive expense for those living in Vienna is owning a car. Although buying a car in Vienna is not always expensive, the cost of maintaining your car and parking can be very expensive over time.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia most expensive cities in the world

Housing is the price people pay for living in Sydney. In comparison, the cost of living in Melbourne is 24% less expensive than in Sydney. The average rent in a high-value area is $ 3,404 Utility costs per month are 50% lower in Melbourne than in Sydney. Below is a breakdown of the cost of accommodation that you need to plan while you are in Sydney.

If you drive in Sydney, a basic automobile will cost about $ 25,000, which is comparable to big cities like Melbourne. Fuel costs about $ 1.52 per liter. However, public transport can be more expensive than cities in Australia, between $ 172 and $ 172 per month.

In comparison, with Melbourne, the Sydney fair is quite good in terms of food and beverage prices. Although the total milk fat is a little over 1 liter, the price of milk at a Melbourne lunch or fast food establishment is $ 1.31 compared to $ 1.24, and beer is cheaper from the domestic market. In fact, the price of a beer in a supermarket is 17% lower in Sydney than in Melbourne.

If they are not made or sold by Australia, clothing and footwear will always cost more here than in other countries. On average, the cost of footwear and clothing in Sydney is 4% higher than in Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

It is the city of light in Japan. It is an expensive city known to all. Tokyo is well known for producing a variety of fruits, such as square watermelons. Of course, these extraordinary fruits are expensive. For example, a square melon can cost about YEN 800 (7.8 USD). Fugu costs 500 Y ($ 4.63 USD), Matsutake mushrooms 2000 yen per kilogram, Wagyu beef Y = 2800 rubles Roman grapes 4000 yen per lot, Densuk watermelon 6100 yen, and King Melon about 26000 yen. Price tags for these items are enough to show how expensive the city can be.


Dubai most expensive cities in the world

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital city of the UAE. It was founded at the turn of the century and was an innocent fishing village. The city expanded rapidly in the 21st century. To become a busy metropolis with a focus on hospitality and tourism. Dubai is one of the most visited tourist destinations, the second-highest number of five-star hotels on the planet and the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa.

While the huge dream of tax-free wealth draws people from abroad to the UAE, it is important to remember that the cost of living in Dubai is much higher. Dubai is ranked among the highest-priced cities in the Gulf region and is ranked 23rd out of 209 cities in the world in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2020. It was 16th in Abu Dhabi than its neighboring emirate.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan most expensive cities in the world

The country is famous for its high standard of living, especially Tokyo, which is regularly included in the list of top ten most expensive cities. Rent is usually the largest part of the cost of living in Japan, which is then transportation and car ownership. However, living in Japan does not have to be expensive, and the cost can be controlled according to where you are by choosing local products and being able to live within your budget.

The most expensive properties in the world are located in central Tokyo and contribute to Tokyo's reputation as a very expensive place. However, prices can range from small, inexpensive apartments of about 10 square meters to luxurious accommodation in the most prestigious areas. Outside of central Tokyo, housing costs are significantly lower, especially in the suburbs, around the prefecture, and in cities and other parts of Japan.

Local supermarkets offer reasonable prices when you adhere to Japanese foods such as seasonal vegetables, seafood, soybeans and soy products. Pre-cooked items can be purchased at a lower price just before the night closes. It is advisable to visit grocery stores and nearby grocery stores on specific days to determine quality, variety and discounts in addition to general prices.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea most expensive cities in the world

The average cost of living is similar across Korea, but housing is one of the main differences. The cost of housing, as well as security deposits, is often the main reason why Seoul ranks in the top 10 list of the most expensive cities in the world.

Most homes in Korea are made up of apartments. Houses are prevalent in rural areas. However, they are not seen in any big city. You can see an isolated house with a garden in the Korean drama, but usually, only the CEOs of big companies and well-known actors are able to afford them.

Most people live in small apartment buildings, and a single-room apartment can cost from $ 300,000 won ($ 265.60) per month to about 1 million won per month, depending on the area of ​​the property (Gangnam is one of the most expensive. Much more affordable) as well as amenities and this is the first time a building has been built or an old structure.

The average cost of living in Seoul for a single person is 1,600,000 won ($ 1411), and about 7433,000 won ($ 657) falls into rent and utility classes. Seoul is ranked in the top 30 percent of the world's most expensive cities by's global list, ranking 2788th out of 9294. It is also the 1st of 87 cities in South Korea.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark most expensive cities in the world

Denmark is one of the most expensive places for people to travel in Europe. It doesn't matter if you are renting a place or renting an apartment in Copenhagen with some of your new classmates; Your costs may be higher.

The cost of a room is usually based on the area and dimensions of the room. For example, a bedroom in Fredericksburg would be much more expensive than one in Norrebro. Room size is also a significant factor, and prices may vary depending on the number of students living in the home.

Rooms start from EUR600. The price of a small 1-bedroom apartment is about EUR1000. Prices may or may not include utility costs.

Although many other Copenhagen items are expensive, bargains on essential food items are bargaining. For example, a loaf of bread, a loaf of bread or an ounce of milk, or a bag of pasta costs less than a dollar. This is also helpful when you shop in budget supermarkets like Netto and Aldi. If you want to buy affordable, fresh and cheap food, look at the market around you, not located in the city center.

Regular coffee can cost around 3.4 euros if you are buying food or drink to go and go, or if you are planning an unintentional trip to a nearby McDonald's you can go from EUR4 to EUR6.2 on a latte. Expect to spend approximately EUR7.5 for a meal that comes in a combo. If you want to sit down for dinner in a cafe, lunch can set you up to 16.5 euros.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada most expensive cities in the world

With just over 3 million inhabitants, Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and the largest in North America (behind only Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles). It extends to the shores of Lake Ontario and further includes the inner suburban communities.

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, making living in Toronto an unforgettable experience for all cultures. The city uses more than 140 dialects and languages, and about half of Toronto's population was born outside of Canada.

Listed as one of the most luxurious cities in the world, with its luxurious lifestyle, Toronto is able to claim a unique place due to its numerous structures and sights. C.N. The tower has a great reputation as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Also, it has multiculturalism everywhere from the highway to the front door of the townhouse. Interestingly, the whole city is surrounded by a vast history of the Canadian nation and the Royal Ontario Museum distributes a large amount of it.

Miami, Florida, USA

Miami, Florida, USA most expensive cities in the world

Moving to Miami is an exciting experience, especially if you come from an area where there is less to see and less to do. Every day in Miami is thrilling with everything from stunning beaches to countless nightlife and historic areas. Miami, Florida The cost of living can vary depending on where you live and where you live in an apartment and how large your family is. Here are some general statistics that will give you an idea of ​​how much it costs to live in Miami.

The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Miami is about 17 1700 per month. Be aware that this includes the region's elite and luxurious neighborhoods, but it does not represent the amount of money you need to pay for a house or accommodation for just one person. The top segment must be more than $3000. However, there are some areas that cost less than $1,000. There are also rental features for condos and they can be an ideal option for those looking for an affordable option.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan most expensive cities in the world

Although the cost of living in rural and southern Taiwan is low, many foreigners who have moved to Taiwan decide to settle in Taipei. It is a relatively expensive city. It was in 2021 that the Mercer Cost of Living Survey ranked Taipei 22nd out of 209 cities with a huge population of former PATs, but much lower than other regional centers such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing or Singapore.

If you get paid as a former PAT, it is possible to live a more luxurious life in your home country, even if the actual amount is less after adjusting for purchasing power. However, many foreigners quickly realize that they are able to pay more at a lower price. Even as a local recruiter or newcomer, they will receive a 'foreign' salary instead of a 'local' salary, especially if they are bilingual and when speaking English or any other language is considered an essential qualification for the job.

But, like many large western and Asian cities, Taipei has a culture based on consumption. Expatriate families must decide what percentage of their income each month they will be able to enjoy the lifestyle they have enjoyed in the country of their birth. Western products and clothing are more expensive than local alternatives.

Las Vegas- Nevada, USA

Las Vegas- Nevada, USA most expensive cities in the world

Las Vegas, city, Clark County seat (1909), southeastern Nevada, the only major city in the American American West that was founded in the 20th century. In a growing metropolis. This transformation - made possible by a combination of clever entrepreneurship, water access, an extensive transportation network and approved state laws - has made the city, now often known as "Vegas", a huge casino, spacious hotel and sightseeing. A place of entertainment that attracts a wide range of visitors from all over the world.

The historic center of Las Vegas is located in a place that was once covered by swamps, freshwater springs and grassy meadows (hence the name of the city; Vegas is "meadows" in Spanish), long ago covered by roads, buildings and parking lots. The modern-day city stretches across a vast, arid valley at an altitude of about 2,000 feet (610 m). Valley fans head east from the picturesque, pine-covered Spring Mountain, whose highest point, Charleston Peak, rises 11,910 feet (3,630 meters). To the north are the three lower ranges, the Pintwater, Spotted and Desert Mountains, and to the east the McCluff and Sheep ranges. A wide path between these two ranges leads to Hoover Dam and Lake Mid, bounded by a huge reservoir dam on the Colorado River; The Las Vegas Wash, the valley's main drain, runs this way.

Old downtown, downtown, was stripped by strips in the 1950s, part of Las Vegas Boulevard (and surrounding streets) about 4 miles (6 km) southwest, with some of the city's most luxurious and luxurious hotels, restaurants, casinos and restaurants. Was done. The city is spread out around Las Vegas Boulevard; The metropolitan area covers the whole of Clark County, a portion of Nai County to the northwest, and a small portion of Mohave County, Arizona to the southeast. These include the suburbs of Boulder City, Henderson and North Las Vegas, as well as the unorganized areas of Paradise, Winchester, Spring Valley, Lake Mid Shores and Sunrise Manor. These areas are connected by several arterial roads, including the Bruce Woodbury (Las Vegas) Beltway, a ring road through the Las Vegas Valley.

Cape Town

The capital of South Africa

Cape Town most expensive cities in the world

Cape Town is a beautiful city and one of a few of the most expensive cities in the world. Cape Town is a port city on the southwest coast of South Africa, at the foot of Table Mountain on a peninsula. Slowly rolling cable cars climb to the top of the hill, overlooking the city, busy harbor and boats heading to Robben Island, the infamous prison that once held Nelson Mandela captive, now a living museum.

Cape Town, city and seaport, the legislative capital of South Africa and the capital of the Western Cape Province. The city is located about 30 miles (50 kilometers) on the northern tip of the Cape Peninsula, its southernmost border, north of the Cape of Good Hope. Because it was the first European settlement in South Africa, Cape Town became known as the "Mother City" of the country.

In this dark but ongoing history, Cape Town is perhaps most famous for being the home of the inspiring South African president and national treasure, Nelson Mandela. Bo-Cup is a colorful center of history, culture, music and taste.

Venice City of Italy

Venice City of Italy most expensive cities in the world

Venice, the capital of the Veneto region of northern Italy, is made on better than 100 little islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, only canals - including the Grand Canal Road - lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. Central Square, Piazza San Marco, contains St. Marcus's Basilica, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics, and the Campanile Bell Tower overlooks the red roof of the city.

Venice, also known as "Canal City", "Floating City" and "Serenicema", is arguably one of the most picturesque cities in Italy. With its winding canals, fascinating architecture and beautiful bridges, Venice is a popular destination for travel.

Venice is easily one of the most magical cities in Europe - one of the most tourist-dense. Venice is expensive too. Venice is the most Lovely city in Italy. Stunning floating palace of stone surrounded by an ancient network of channels. Venice is one of the most popular Italian cities for tourists, even with all the other beautiful and historic places in Italy. But there is a good reason.

Sitting on 100+ small islands connected by more than 400 bridges, the water city is celebrated due to the unusual situation. Basically, there is no road, the transport is done by boat in a confusing network of canals. Venice has many strange, unique, unusual and secret spots to discover.

Milan City of Italy

Milan City of Italy most expensive cities in the world

Milan, a metropolis in the northern Lombardy region of Italy, is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the National Stock Exchange, it is also a financial center known for its high-quality restaurants and shops. The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria Delle Gracie Convent, which houses Leonardo da Vinci's mural "The Last Supper", testify to centuries of art and culture.

Milan is located in the center of the Po Basin in northern Italy, halfway across the vast plain that stretches between the Ticino and Adda rivers. The site is 400 feet (122 m) above sea level. To the north, there are huge brooms on the southern side of the Alps. Between this semicircle of the hills and the path marked by the Po River to the south, there is an area that is dry to the north but a wetland near Po, where it has become a wetland and an extension of paddy fields. In the line of demarcation between these two regions, which are strongly distinguished, Milan has arisen, although now only wetlands mark the site of the ancient city. The earliest inhabitants fortified their defenses with small streams of Seveso, Niron, Lambro, and Olona.

Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in Italy, with some of the country's leading fashion brands. One of the best spots in the city center is the world's oldest shopping mall, Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II, to find them in one place.

Every time of historical crisis, progress and consolidation has been reflected in the biological structure of Milan. For over a thousand years, the main part of the city was located just southwest of the present Cathedral, Duomo, and it consisted of a rectangular, four-door city called Mediolanum, with each gate leading out to the surrounding countryside. An irregular external defense was assembled during the Carolingian period (8th-9th centuries). This core has influenced modern city planning.

Shanghai Municipalities of China

Shanghai Municipalities of China, most expensive cities in the world

Located on the central coast of China, Shanghai is the largest city in the country and a global financial center. At its center is Bund, a famous waterfront promenade lined with colonial-era buildings. On the other side of the Huangpu River is the future skyline of Pudong District, which includes the 632-meter Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the distinctive pink sphere. The sprawling U Garden has traditional pavilions, towers and ponds.

As China's main industrial center, Shanghai has serious air, water and noise pollution. Industrial relocation and construction in the suburbs from the 1950s primarily helped reduce air pollution in central cities, although high population densities and mixed industrial-residential land use caused problems. Severely polluted by the Suzhou River and the Huangpu River, which flows through the city; Nevertheless, Huangpu is the main source of water in Shanghai.

Environmental protection and urban cleanliness are enhanced by industrial and solid waste resource-recovery activities conducted by a municipal corporation. More than 1,000 different materials are recycled, including plastics, chemical fibers and residues, machine components, oil and grease, rags, human hair and animal bones.

Shanghai is a popular tourist destination famous for its historical landmarks such as The Bund, City God Temple and U Garden as well as major museums including the extensive Luziajui Skyline, many skyscrapers, and the Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum.

The city is located on the east China Sea coast between the mouth of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) in the north and the Hangzhou Bay in the south. The area of ​​the municipality includes the city, the surrounding suburban area and an agricultural west. Shanghai is the most populous city in China and the municipality is the most populous urban area.

Oslo- The capital of Norway

Oslo- The capital of Norway most expensive cities in the world

The Norwegian capital, Oslo, is located at the head of Oslofjord on the south coast of the country. It is known for its green space and museums. Many of these are on the Baigdo Peninsula, including the Norwegian Maritime Museum on the water's edge and the Viking Ship Museum, 9th-century Viking ships. Holmenkollbakken is a ski-jumping hill with a beautiful view of the fjord. It also has a ski museum.

The Norwegian capital city is now one of the five most expensive cities in the world to live in. According to recent results from The Economist Intelligence Unit's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Oslo has jumped 6 places as the fifth most expensive city in the world.

The city was renamed Oslo in 1925 and Gained rapid development after World War II. In 1948 Oslo incorporated the nearest township of size, and over the next few decades, several satellite towns and residential areas grew east and west of the city. On July 22, 2011, the center of the city was the target of a massive bomb attack that damaged government buildings, including the Prime Minister's Office.

Oslo Harbor is the biggest, As well as the most active in the country. Leading industries are the consumer goods manufacturing and electrotechnical and graphic industries. Important Norwegian fur auctions are held in northeastern Ocarina. Oslo is also the junction of the country's road, rail and air network.

Berlin- Capital of Germany

most expensive cities in the world

Berlin, the capital of Germany, dates to the 13th century. Reminiscent of the city's tumultuous twentieth-century history include the Holocaust monument and the graffiti of the Berlin Wall. Separated during the Cold War, Its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate includes evolved as a character of reunion. Built-in 1963, the city is also known for its gold-painted, hanging-roofed Berlin Philharmonic-like scenery and modern landmarks.

Berlin is famous for its many museums such as the Dahlem Museum, the Egyptian Museum, the Berlin Cultural Forum and the New National Gallery and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Other post-war institutions include the Brooke Museum, the Berlin Museum, the Museum of Transport and Technology, and the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Berlin is the capital and main city center of Germany. The city is located in the center of the North German plain, away from an east-west commercial and geographical axis that helped make it the capital of the state of Prussia and then the capital of unified Germany since 1871. Berlin's former glory ended in 1945, but the city survived the devastation of World War II.

The original twin cities of Berlin and Cologne were formed in the early 13th century, on an island in the Spree River (Cologne's place) and in a small part (Berlin's place) on the north bank of the river facing the island.) While a small town, it became the capital of the elected princes of Brandenburg from the end of the 15th century. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, when the electorate of Brandenburg (also King of Prussia from 1701) became a powerful figure in the European political arena, the city expanded and gained a baroque appearance; New castles were built, such as the Charlottenburg Palace.

The central quarter was spanned and adorned with wide paths, handsome squares and huge stone buildings. The central area has acquired wide north-south lanes, such as Wilhelmstrass and Friedrichstrasse, and its characteristic east-west road axis. Complementing this main axis are several exit roads that now serve as the main traffic arteries. In the late 19th century, these arteries and their tributaries developed around the suburbs. Where there was extensive destruction during World War II, large-scale modern apartment and office buildings were erected, including the famous Hansa Quarter, built by famous architects from many countries.

The city of Hangzhou in China 

The city of Hangzhou in China most expensive cities in the world

Hangzhou, the capital of China's Zhejiang Province, is the southern terminus of the ancient Grand Canal waterway, originating from Beijing. Its western lake, celebrated by poets and artists since the 9th century, has islands (accessible by boat), temples, pavilions, gardens and arched bridges. On its south bank is the 5-story Leifeng Pagoda, a modern reconstruction of a structure built in 975 AD.

Hangzhou is known as one of the most important tourist cities in China. With its captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage, it attracts many visitors. It is slowly being transformed into a city of technology.

Hangzhou is a financial center, a traffic hub in southeastern China, and one of the richest cities on the mainland. Although the cost of living in Hangzhou is somewhat higher, it remains a cheap alternative to its neighboring cities, namely, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

It has become the center of a fertile rice-producing area as well as the site of China's most important silk industry. It was also famous as the center of culture, producing numerous writers, painters and poets.

Shenzhen City of China

Shenzhen City of China most expensive cities in the world

Shenzhen in southeastern China is a modern metropolis that connects Hong Kong with mainland China. It is known for its shopping destinations, including Luohu Commercial City, a huge mall with a wide range of accessories ranging from tailor-made custom clothing to fake designer bags. The city also has contemporary buildings, such as the 600-meter-tall Ping An International Finance Center and several amusement parks.

The city has grown at an unprecedented rate since the 1980s, with large amounts of domestic and foreign investment. Wages and living standards in the special economic zone were significantly higher than the Chinese average and flooded a large number of workers and professionals working in the electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemical, textile, building materials and processed food processing factories. This unprecedented growth in the special economic zone has similarly stimulated the production of poultry, cattle and vegetables in the surrounding agricultural areas.

The region's rapid growth rate became known in China as the "Shenzhen Speed", and the success of the project prompted the Chinese government to transform a few more coastal cities into special economic zones and encourage modernization in various fields. Shenzhen has become a testing ground for Chinese economic reform and liberalization. Steps such as the restoration of the stock market began in Shenzhen and were later adopted elsewhere in China to smooth the transition to a new policy.

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