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Calangute Beach, Goa Tourism Place

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach, Goa Tourism Place

Calangute Beach also called the Queen of the Beach, Calangute Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Goa. It is also the busiest beach in North Goa with restaurants, huts, and clubs. Calangute is also very popular among adventurers as it has several water sports like parasailing, water surfing, banana ride, and jet-skiing. Nightlife at Calangute beach is best for nightlife lovers with crazy parties and live music.

Surrounded by palm and coconut trees, the beach is four miles along the Arabian Sea and nine miles from Panaji. Along with the village of Candolim which makes it to the south and north of the Bagar intersection, Calangute beach makes Goa a real tourist attraction. Calangute Beach is the most beautiful tourist attraction, with souvenir stalls, shacks, and other stalls selling everything from beer, trinkets to pans. All this only adds to the popularity of the beach, making it a must-visit place in Goa So, if you want uninterrupted solitude, plan for a Calangute beach vacation as it is a perfect destination for nature lovers, and the glorious scenery of the locality surrounded by a pristine environment, mark the place as a dream destination for the beach.

Famous Bars, Night Clubs, Restaurants & other places near the Calangute Beach

Famous calangute beach hotel & Resorts

Top things to do in and famous attractions near Calangute beach

Water Sports: Calangute Beach offers a variety of water activities such as parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, water snorkeling, and water-skiing, among other water rides. Shopping: Showrooms are sold from Calangute, Kashmir, Tibet, Indonesia, Rajasthan, and many other places. Can be purchased by shopkeepers. The market is located on the road towards Anjuna beach. 

Dolphin sightings: Outside the coast, tourists can see a lot of dolphins. Boats are available from Calangute Beach that offer rides along with swimming dolphins with play.

Calangute is the most beautiful beach in Goa. Calangute beach with great clubs and bars like Tio Tilly's Bar and Kitchen, Carvalho's, Spice It, Cantare, Hipster, Souza Lobo, Tonic - Hard Rock Hotel, IVY, Moon Pub, and Clove, and many more tourist attractions, it is one of the best nightlife hubs in the state. These places provide great music, food, and the most beautiful atmosphere.

Famous tourist attractions to see in and near Calangute Beach

Frequently Asked Questions And Answer

Q. What are the top activities and activities for tourists at Calangute Beach?

Calangute brings plenty of beach activities from water sports, sightseeing tours to other shopping activities. So, go and experience all the activities and make your day great. If you haven’t been to Calangute Beach, there’s no way to imagine the very elegance that it always has. It's not about the beach and the hippies that make up the Calangute, but there's more to it.

Water Sports:

Absolutely, Calangute is the best place for travelers and water sports like kayaking, sailing, wind-surfing, water snorkeling, water-skiing, fishing, etc. These are the main activities that seek the attention of globetrotters. This attraction turns out into the greatest experience for travelers. Travel only two months prior to the winter season and enjoy your wonderful time in the beach waters to the level most suitable.


Parasailing on Calangute Beach offers a fantastic adventure as you soar up high in the air and experience the wind on your face, that exhilaration truly kicks in. It's an enjoyable sports movement that becomes memorable for the one who participates.

Sandy Pleasures:

Tourists can enjoy leisure moments relaxing under the bright sun. Idle on the sands and relax under the shade of an umbrella whilst having the exotic flavor of drinks.


Go from the city to the beach and You will find handicraft boutiques, jewelry stores, and Tibetan shopkeepers. For shopaholics, it's a good place to shop for different types of clothing in different fabrics like Rajasthani, Karnatakan, and Gujarati. Visiting Dev's Art Gallery at Calangute during the shopping is also a great choice to buy a few paintings.

Q. What are the famous tourist attractions near Calangute beach?

In addition to the above activities, beach lovers must see some of the major attractions in the vicinity of Calangute beach, if they go for a pleasant vacation trip to this coastal resort.
Kerkar Art Gallery: This art gallery attracts the attention of nature lovers as one can easily witness painting exhibitions and sculptures of popular artists. Also, it hosts Indian music and dance nights every week.

Colva Beach:

Located in South Goa, Colva Beach is one of the oldest but most captivating beaches, whose nightlife is only great and precious for a long time to come. The huge availability of numerous huts scattered on this beach is one of the best options for food.

Boga Beach:

This beach is one of the most famous attractions of Goa which is located 10 kilometers west of Mapusa. This is an extension of Calangute beach because it is very confusing to say where Boga Beach starts and Calangute beach ends. This beach has been sandwiched between two famous beaches, one is Anjuna and Calangute.

Church of St. Alex:

The architectural beauty of the church is quite attractive and it sets it apart from others. It is popular because of the towers and attractive altars next to the magnificent domes inside the church courtyard.

Medicinal Springs:

It is very nice to see the beautiful position of Medicinal Springs and Cashew-Dhaka foothills. So the place is popular as a Goan picnic spot.

Boga Retreat House:

Climb to the top of Boga Mountain, Boga Retreat House is in the distance with a buzzing view of the Arabian Sea. Dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, this house has always been a famous tourist spot.

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