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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore tourism attractions

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore tourism attractions

Singapore tourism attractions

Located in central Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is the botanical garden of the future, the land of the next generation of supertrees groves, high-tech space-domes, and diverse sculptures. With nearly 400,000 plants, Gardens by the Bay is famous for its wonderful contemporary architecture and the mesmerizing Garden Rhapsody, Light, and Sound Show.

The vast and colorful Super Park Conservatories span 250 acres of reclaimed land in the watershed. Its famous supertree structure, the future botanical giant connected by a commanding skyway, offers a mesmerizing view as it crosses the skywalk over the garden. The Flower Dome is an oversized seashell-shaped greenhouse in Gardens by the Bay, the world's largest glass greenhouse that recreates cool mountain climates.

Gardens by the Bay are divided into three parts: Bay East, Bay South, and Bay Central, a garden that connects the other two by the water. Of these categories, Bay South is the largest. The world's longest indoor waterfall is another major attraction at the Cloud Forest Conservatory. Walking around the Gulf Garden also offers climate-controlled maintenance and an expedition to Supertree that is worth a visit.

Gardens by the Bay Top Attractions 

1. Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove is a garden with a tree-like system where there is a light and sound show every day.

Standing in Supertree Grove seems to have been transported thousands of years ahead of time. It is a garden with huge designs that look like the man-made trees of the future. Inside the garden are 12 supertrees and they rise to the height of a 16-story building. The two supertrees are connected by a 128-meter-long aerial walkway named the OCBC Skyway, which offers stunning views of the Singapore skyline. The grove is built entirely on renewable energy that runs on solar energy and is planted with lots of artificial plants for the natural environment.

2. Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is an enclosed glass dome with views of the environment and mountains and a high-altitude biosphere.

One of the cool conservatories in Gardens by the Bay is Cloud Forest, known for its high-altitude artificial environment. The glass dome is designed for visitors to see and to give the environment as if they are surrounded by mountains. There is a light cloud mist that fills the interior of the dome and keeps the place cool as if one were feeling winter and the sound of a misty waterfall. Not only the beautiful scenery of the mountains, but people also get to see different plants, rare plants and species, and the environment necessary for their survival.

3. OCBC Skyway

OCBC Skyway

OCBC Skyway is an elevated path with dramatic views of the Singapore skyline.

Located at an altitude of 22 meters, OCBC Skyway is a paradise for walking. The 128-meter long aerial walkway is adorned with beautiful installations that illuminate the place to give it the most beautiful look. The path is lined with tree-like structures or they prefer to call it supertrees. It is better at night when the sky is illuminated by millions of lights. The illuminated trees call twice a day at 6:45 pm and 8:45 pm for a light and sound show called Garden Rhapsody. Enjoy uninterrupted views of Singapore's skyline, including Marina Bay Sands, from the stunning Skyway.

4. Flower Dome

Flower Dome

Flower Dome is a flower show inside the glass dome is an exhibition of rare and beautiful flowers from different regions.

Flower Dome is one of the two cool conservatories in Gardens by the Bay, located along the marina reservoir. It is the largest columnless glasshouse in the world. The distinguishing feature of this man-made wonder is that it is not only an architectural and modern building, the flower dome is designed to minimize the greenhouse effect and environmental footprint. The interior of the dome maintains Mediterranean and subtropical temperatures. Flower Dome offers a breathtaking view of nature with a variety of tropical and Mediterranean flowers which is really wonderful.

5. Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lake

Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lake

Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lake is an artificial lake where different aquatic plants and different species are found.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lake are an effort to create an aquatic ecosystem for the conservation of rare plants and species. A futuristic approach to keeping nature close to development is also a great way to explore the different species that survive in the aquatic environment. Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lake is an artificial island with a lake and surrounding vegetation. Here beautiful art sculptors decorate the whole ecosystem like the dragonflies and the most interesting of them, a floating baby. The sculptor is called "Planet" and despite its weight of 7 tons it floats smoothly in the garden. The 440-meter walkway along Dragonfly Lake offers an impressive walk along the lake with a variety of vegetation and species.

6. Bay East Garden

Bay East Garden

Bay East Garden is a huge green garden in the middle of the city for rest and peace.

The Bay East Garden is a huge contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Between the huge buildings and the tall skyscrapers, it is a place to revive and find peace. Bay East Garden is the second largest area of Bay Bay Garden. Endless greenery spread over an area of 32 hectares. Located by the water's edge with fresh flowers and trees growing in every corner of the garden, one can enjoy jogging, cycling, sports, and picnics with family and other recreational activities in the garden.

7. World of Plants

World of Plants

World of Plants is a botanical garden with a variety of plants and shrubs and their evolutionary history.

The plant world is a paradise for those who appreciate nature and botany. The arena, based on the theme "Plants and Planets", is full of different types of plants and speaks of the evolution of life, rich diversity, fruits and flowers. It is divided into different theme parks. "The Secret Life of Trees," says Rainforest about the evolution and role of trees in the ecosystem. The "World of Palms" is a great place to see the rich variety and sizes of tropical dates. "Understory" is a place where one can learn stories about the plants of the forest. "Fruits and Flowers" is a vibrant place full of beautiful flowers and fruits. The "Discovery Garden" will take one back to the ancient evolutionary theory of plants that once existed on the planet. The "Web of Life" shows the relationship of rainforest plants with fauna which is a really wonderful sight.

8. Heritage Gardens

Heritage Gardens

Heritage Gardens is A Heritage Garden that depicts the history and heritage of Singapore and how plants have played an important role in the history of the city.

The Heritage Garden is a uniquely constructed garden that tells the story of Singapore's history, culture, and heritage through its plants. The garden is themed in four parts, each representing a different ethnic group in Singapore. The Malay Garden tells the story of traditional village life with its beautiful art and sculpture. The Indian garden is inspired by the traditional lotus flower motif called Kolam. The Chinese Garden has received its inspiration from writers, poets, and artists. The colonial garden depicts the story of grain, spices, and plants as the 'engine of the empire'. These gardens are full of sculptures and art installations that are not only pleasing to the eye but the curious story behind them makes them so unique.

9. Sun Pavilion

Sun Pavilion

Sun Pavilion's design is known for its desert ecosystem.

The Sun Pavilion will teleport inside a desert with its vegetation and ecosystem carefully designed to give the desert an experience. Another effort to preserve nature and plant species San Pavilion has the largest collection of cacti and succulent plants in all of Singapore. They live in some rare cacti species that grow in different parts of the world. Their best collections include plants from Mexico, Turkey and Africa which are the highlights of the place.

10. The Canyon

The Canyon

The Canyon is a garden with different types of rock formations.

The Canyon contains Singapore's largest stone collection, imported from China, with more than 60 rock sculptures in the vicinity. Plants added to the beauty of Gardens by the Bay, which is best known. The mixture of stones and plants is the best depicted there.

11. Singapore Garden Festival 

Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival is one of the most famous events in the country. If you like colors and the vibrant aspects of nature, this is the festival where you should fully welcome spring. It is held every year in July and August and welcomes the new look of nature with new flowers blooming in every corner and corner of the Gulf Garden. Imagine the vibrant flowers and trees you will see here during the festival, including 1,000,000 on the park grounds.

The Singapore Garden Festival is held at the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, the two largest glass observatories in Gardens by the Bay, featuring plants from two different worlds. Although the Flower Dome Observatory has a wide variety of vegetation from the Mediterranean and subtropical regions, Cloud Forest provides a mountain vegetation environment with several waterfalls, cloud fog, and mountain views inside the dome. The festival features veranda gardens, fantasy gardens, flower windows, lively marketplaces, orchid extravaganzas, and more to stay close to nature.

Boogie rides are available at Garden by the Bay, especially for the disabled and senior citizens.
It gets really crowded on weekends. Lots of tourists on weekends and be prepared for long lines.
Re-entry to the dome. If you want to come back, you have to have a re-entry stamp in your hand.
There are many walks in the garden. Make sure to carry light luggage and wear comfortable shoes.
Do not damage plants and trees in any way - Avoid uprooting, pushing, climbing, or hitting in any way. This is a punishable offense.
Do not throw dirt anywhere on the premises - Dispose of waste in a suitable trash bin. Clean up after pets and dispose of accordingly.
No open fires in parks - including barbecues, lit candles, and cigarettes - are not permitted. The entire courtyard is smoke-free; Smoking is not allowed anywhere.
Picnics are allowed in most parts of the garden except conservatories Keep in mind that food and drink are not allowed between Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
Bicycles, roller skates, hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed in the garden. Only bays along the waterfront promenade are allowed within the perimeter of Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden.
Dogs are allowed in outdoor parks, provided they are trapped and silenced under Singapore law. Only guide dogs are allowed at the Conservatory, OCBC Skyway, and Children's Garden - pets are not allowed here.

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