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Arambol Beach Goa, place to visit in Goa India

Arambol Beach Goa

Place to visit in Goa India

Arambol Beach Goa, place to visit in Goa India

About Arambol Beach, Goa

Attractive and peaceful, Arambol beach is one of the best beaches in North Goa and it is a relative tourist activity and the best place to visit in India. Regarded as one of the most spectacular beaches in Goa, Arambol beach has a distinctly bohemian feel, which attracts travelers from all over the world.

Arambol beach is one of the northernmost beaches in Goa and Arambol beach has Kerry or Querim beach at one end and Morjim at the other end. Arambol Beach is a rocky and sandy beach with jungle at one end and sea at the other.

Exist is a yoga class on the beach, a drum circle at sunset and a weekend beach market, a mysterious dad at the top of a hill, jumping off a hill for a paraglide, or only walking the streets of Kitsky Market; There is something for every soul in Arambol.

Arambol beach is also recognized for its freshwater lagoon or lake which is located at the end of the adjacent beach i.e. Kalacha beach. It is just accessible on foot and its shallow water is surprisingly quiet for swimming. The sand here is also known to have healing effects. The soft white sand and crystal clear waters offer tourists a visual treat and are excellent for sunbathing. The main part of Arambol beach is stretched by long sand which serves as a suitable location for swimming. If adventure is your main thing, a small hill near the beach offers boat trips for paragliding and dolphin watching.

Arambol Beach Shacks hosts many beach parties in Goa The surrounding wilderness, hammocks, lagoons, lakes, and the scenic attractiveness of the place; All come together to create it an excellent place for party hunters. There is plenty of space near for a relaxing vibe and playing live music. Psytrance is a huge interest for the crowds here because they crowd in numbers at night to have a vibrant party.

Arambol Beach Goa, place to visit in Goa India

Things to do near Arambol Beach, Goa

Watch a sunset:
Arambol Mountain is the best place to watch the sunset; There is only one mountain to climb. There is another trail that crosses the hill and reaches the lake on the other side. There are also some viewpoints along this trail.

During the peak season, a beachside fly market is set up which is run mostly by Russians. One can find musical instruments, jewelry, and many other things. There is a street market on the way to the beach.

Arambol Beach has a surfing club that offers surfing lessons. One can rent equipment from the surfing club if one has to surf in advance.

Fire Shows:
Almost every hut on Arambol Beach hosts fire shows and fireworks every evening. There are also bonfires where people sit and drink and eat. There is also Zimba music and the sunset drum circle at Arambol is quite popular in Goa.

Arambol beach is one of the best places for paragliding in Goa. One can fly from Arambol Mountains and see a bird's-eye view of the coastline, the sea, and the interior.

Yoga and Reiki:
Arambol Beach has several yoga and reiki training centers that offer long and short-term courses.

How to reach Arambol beach in Goa?

Arambol Beach has located 50 km from Panaji and about 30 km from Anjuna Beach at Goa. The most famous transportation options are a scooter and a motorcycle that can be rented from almost every guest house. You can also find a taxi on the main street or through a travel agency. After reaching the destination, analyzing on foot is the best option. You can even walk across Arambol beach and reach Kalacha beach in no time.

The best time to see Arambol beach in Goa

The best time to see Arambol beach in Goa is between November and March. Due to the pleasant weather, the highest number of international travelers come to the beach at this time.

Top Hotels Near Arambol Beach in Goa, India

Top Hotels Near Arambol Beach in Goa

Top tourist attractions to see in and near Arambol Beach, Goa

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