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Betalbatim Beach Goa, Betalbatim beach at night

Betalbatim Beach Goa, India

Place to visit in Goa, India

Betalbatim Beach Goa, Betalbatim beach at night

About Betalbatim Beach Goa, India

The 1 km long Betalbatim beach is nicely settled between Colva and Majorda beaches. It is also a favorite among tourists as the sunset beach, because of the breathtaking view of the sunset that greets you. You won't find a lot of activity happening here, but what the visitors like are its solitude and serenity.

Another reason behind going to Betalbatim beach is the dolphins. You can see them after you ask the local fishermen to take you to see some beautiful dolphins. You can enjoy a drink or two from the coconut stall set up on the beach.

Bhangram Beach on Lakshadweep is one of the rarest beaches in India that can make your dream come true. How? It is one of the most amazing bioluminescent beaches in India. The blue light emitted by the phytoplankton makes the sea look like a bed of stars.

Offering beautiful sunrise and sunset views, the beach is best known as Goa's Bright Beach because it has bioluminescent algae in its waters that illuminate the coast at night.

Things to do near Betalbatim Beach Goa, India

Go dolphin spotting.

Observe the fishermen at work.


Taste authentic Goan food at the beach shacks.

Enjoy the views of the sunset.

When is the best time to see Betalbatim beach?

The best time to see Agonda Beach is between October and March when the beach shacks are open and the weather is quite pleasant without rain.

How to reach Betalbatim beach Goa?

You can hire a taxi from Panjim, the capital city of Goa, to reach Betalbatim beach, which will take you no more than 40 minutes. You can also rent a cab directly from Goa International Airport, which will take you about 35 minutes.

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