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Colva beach hotels, Colva Beach Goa, India

Colva Beach Goa, India

Place to visit in Goa

Colva Beach Goa

About Colva Beach Goa, India

South Goa’s Colva Beach is an impressive 2.4 km stretch and extends to Bogmalo Beach in the north and Cabo de Rama Beach in the south. It is a busy beach, with crowds of tourists enjoying a game of water, getting a suntan, enjoying Goan food in the numerous huts on the shore, and going for a swim under constant surveillance by skilled lifeguards.

With activity, excitement, and noise, you will find lots of these at Colva Beach. Those who are keen on water sports should not miss visiting this beach during their vacation in Goa. Some of the water sports that you can enjoy are banana boat rides, parasailing, jet ski rides, water scooters, and boat rides

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Banana Boat Ride

Water Scooter

Jet Ski Ride

Colva Beach Goa

Nightlife at Colva Beach Goa, India

The nightlife at Colva beach is very lively and energetic analogized to other beaches in Goa, India. It is exotic and shiny, which should not be missed during their travels. It will tempt you to enjoy the whole night. Beach shacks and restaurants, on the other hand, are open until dawn. The most popular and happening nightspots are late bars and discos that captivate the crowd to enjoy throughout the night. Also, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that make a perfect day for family, friends, or honeymoon couples. It makes for an enjoyable day full of joy for young and old alike.

When is the best time to see Colva beach?

The best time to see Colva Beach is from October to March. Although visited by a lot of tourists during these months, it is only when you enjoy yourself to the maximum.

How to get to Colva Beach, Goa?

Colva Beach has located about 27 km from Panjim, from where you can hire a taxi or any other private car. From Colva International Airport, you can hire a taxi to reach Colva Beach, it will take you no more than 30 minutes to drive.

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