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Car Washes

Car washes

A car wash, car washes or auto washes is a facility that is used to clean the exterior and in some cases the interior of a motor vehicle. Car washes can be self-service, full-service (with car washes attendants), or fully automatic.

Car washing can also be a case where people pay for the car washes by volunteers, often using less specialized equipment, as a means of raising money for some purpose.

A car wash, car washes or auto washes

Self-service car washes

A multi-bay, coin-operated self-service car washes in Seattle, Washington

A self-service car washes is a simple and automatic type of car washes, usually a coin-powered or token-powered self-service system. The new self-service car washes offers the ability to pay with a credit card or loyalty card. The car is parked inside a large covered bay equipped with a trigger gun and wind (a high-pressure sprayer) as well as a foam brush for scrubbing. When customers insert coins or tokens into the coin box, they can choose from options such as washing with soap, tire cleaner, wax or clean water, which is given from a sprayer or rubbing the car with a foam brush. The number of coins or tokens inserted determines how long it takes customers to handle the equipment; In most cases, a minimum number of coins is required to start the equipment. These facilities are often equipped with separate vacuum stations that allow customers to clean upholstery and rugs inside their vehicles. Some self-service cars offer washes hand-hold dryers.

Automatic car washes

Conveyorized/tunnel car washes

In 1940, the first conveyor automatic car washes appeared in Hollywood, California. Conveyor automatic car washes has tunnel-like buildings where customers (or attendants) drive.

Some car payments are paid to their customers through a computerized POS, or point of sale unit, also known as an "automated cashier", which can replace a human cashier. The process automatically inputs the car washes PLU to a master computer or a tunnel controller. When the sale is automated, the car is placed in a line-up called stack or row after payment. The stack runs in order, so the car washes know what each car bought ৷ After being pulled up to the entrance of the tunnel, an attendant usually leads the customer towards the conductor. During some car washing, the system will automatically send the correct number of rollers based on the tire sensor. The tire sensor lets the car washers know where the wheels are and how far they are. On other systems the employee can guide the customer and press a 'send car' button on the tunnel controller to send rollers manually which pushes the car.

Before entering the automatic section of the car washes tunnel, attendants can pre-washes customers' cars.

Car washes will usually begin to be cleaned with a chemical called presoac, usually applied through special arches. CTAs, or "chemical tire applicators" apply special formulations that remove brake dust and build up from wheels and tire surfaces.

In the case of some car washes, the presoak application is followed by an empty space or idle zone. Wheel cleaning equipment, such as a seal brush or high-pressure wheel blaster, can be placed in the passive area. A seal brush (also known as a wheel brush or tire brush) consists of an 8-foot-long brush assembly that is pushed in place of the car wheel and door seal. Brushes usually use flagged bristles, as dirt is usually most concentrated on the underside of the car. A seal brush can have periodic lengths of the material component or use a component that is intentionally mounted outside the center to clean wheel surfaces of different depths. Seal brushes rely on the wheel rotation of the customer's car to achieve full wheel contact. Like CTAs, wheel brushes are often activated when the customer purchases a wheel cleaning upgrade. Wheel-rim disc brushes are used with or in place of the seal brush in some car washes. These assemblies extend towards the wheel and follow it at the same speed as the conductor while rotating at high speed to clean the wheel. At the end of a car wash the presoq passive zone is often a high-pressure arch that points to the water on the surface of the car.

Meters are ribbon-like material that hangs strips of cloth or sheets over tunnels when using speed to increase friction against the surface of the vehicle. Friction areas may also include specialized front grills and rear brushes. Older automatic car washers - most of which were made before 1980 - used to use brushes with soft nylon bristles, which tend to leave nylon deposits in car paint in the form of a bristle called brush mark. Many newer benefits are using either a soft cloth or a closed cell foam brush, which does not catch dirt or water, so the finished finish is less likely to be damaged.

After the main friction zone, some car washes have a dedicated care zone. Before entering the care zone, the car is washed with fresh water. This is immediately followed by a series of additional services. In the case of many car washes, the first of these services is a polish wax. After applying the polish wax is usually a retractable meter or top brush and in some cases, a side brush or wrap brush. Then a protector, which forms a thin protective film on the surface of a vehicle. Defenders usually repel water, which helps the car to dry and enables the driver to see through their windshield during rain. A low-end wax or clean coating protector follows the main protector. A drying agent is usually applied at the end of the tunnel to help remove water from the surface of the vehicle before forcing the air to dry. After the drying agent, a "spot free" of soft water can be washed off, the usually present salts are filtered and sent through a semi-permeable membrane to create highly pure water that will not leave stains.

Dryers can be available in a variety of shapes, such as a fixed round jet with a contouring roof jet or small round assemblies with nozzles of different shapes and sizes fitted to arches. Meters, side brushes, top brushes, and/or chamois- or dryers sorted with microfiber-based material may follow.

When car washing a "full-service" car, the exterior of the car is washed mechanically, by hand, or using a combination of both, with attendants available to dry the car manually and to clean the interior. Many full-service car washes also offer "detail" services, which may include hand or machine polishing and waxing, shampooing and internal steaming, as well as other services to thoroughly clean and protect the car.

A car wash, car washes or auto washes

Touchless car washes

Like soft-touch car washes, touchless car washes are automatic, where the car goes through a tunnel where it is cleaned. However, touchless car washes do not use foam or cloth applicators that use soft-touch car washes and do not rely on high-pressure car washers to clean and wash cars. The sensors used by these washers allow for more precise cleaning with the correct shape of the vehicle. To compensate for not physically contacting the car, touchless car washes use more pressure and more caustic detergent than ordinary car washes. Since the car is not physically touched during untouched car washing, the risk of damage to the car is low. However, touchless car washes take a harder time to clean hard materials or get to vehicles in difficult places, and the use of their powerful chemicals can damage the car's paint finish.

Environmental factors of car washes

Water supply and power consumption are self-evident because car washes are the users of such resources.

Many car washes water recovery systems use technology to significantly reduce water consumption and reduce the use of various energy sources.

Soil contamination is sometimes associated with this type of surface water and is related to soil contamination from underground fuel tanks or auto servicing operations that are usually incidental use of car washes sites - but not a problem for car washes.

For this reason, countries such as Switzerland and Germany have banned citizens from car washes their cars in their homes. In the United States, some state and local environmental groups (most notably the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) have launched campaigns to encourage consumers to use professional car washes as opposed to driveway washing, including relocation of charitable car fundraisers from parking lots. Professional car washes. Poland, Portugal, Italy and many other countries have no rules on car washes waste water.

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